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A large collection of high-resolution replacements for many of Skyrim's landscape and building textures, including Caves, Mines, Imperial Forts, Farmhouses, Whiterun, and Solstheim.

Permissions and credits

This collection of CaBaL120's work offers high quality replacement textures for many buildings and landscapes that you'll find around Skyrim.  

This mod combines the following mods and converts them for use in Skyrim Special Edition:
Please check out the original mod pages for more screenshots and images.

Textures created by CaBaL120
SSE conversion and Fomod Installer provided by GTheGenerous, sasnikol, and kryptopyr

  • Textures have been crafted from scratch, and the use of original game assets is minimal, limited to normal maps for some equipment.
  • Textures are provided as 2k diffuse with 1k normal maps. Optionally, the Imperial Fort and Farmhouse Wall textures are also available as 4k textures.
  • Specular maps have been added for normal maps that lack it, the shininess level was adjusted based on the level of its vanilla counterpart.
  • Previously uncompressed textures have been saved in BC7 format.
  • Due to the new snow shading in SSE, snow textures have been included as a separate option for those who wish to play with snow shading disabled.

BSA PACKAGES: These files include a single plugin (ESL-flagged) and a BSA archive that contains all of the available textures. You can choose from the following download options (install only one version):
  • 2k - textures are 2k diffuse with 1k normal maps
  • 4k - most textures are 2k/1k, but Imperial Forts and Farmhouse Walls are included as 4k diffuse with 2k normal maps.
  • 2k with Snow - includes snow textures for those who play with snow shading turn off.
  • 4k with Snow - includes snow textures for those who play with snow shading turn off.

LOOSE FILES & CUSTOM INSTALLATION: For custom or modular installation, these textures can also be downloaded as loose files along with a FOMOD installer that allows you to pick and choose which texture packs to install.