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high quality texture replacer for landscape

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Distribution permission: This file is a Nexus-exclusive release, please respect my decision and DO NOT reupload/mirror/repost it elsewhere... I did not give, nor want to give permission for any kind of export for whole file or parts of it.

hi resolution texture replacer for skyrim landscape
updated to v5 featuring terrain parallax, enb is required, remember to enable parallax effect setting "fixterrainparallax=true" in your enblocal
no enb, then no parallax

files are already optimized... do not run ddsopt or else or you'll mess render!!!!!

idea of project is to enhance skyrim landscape sticking on original game look so ALL files has been rebuilt from 0, not a single bit of vanilla maps BUT same overall look, clearly with much better textures. this is not a texture tweak, no fancy overlay of data and noise above original files, not even a photorealistic attempt. the goal to offer a good mix between realism and pictorical look of game hopefully reached.
project still open for future improvements.

biggest "thank you" on planet to: Adoel, Anaphiel ,Blackdahlya,Maeldun0,Tamu75 ,Zeroking on Flickr for the serious help in development, checks and advices.

dirtcliff texture uses 2 photo by Joshua Ezzell combined, thank you so much mate for the perfect resources.
other pieces and bits "stolen" from Taketone [inspire textures] and the huge gallery on flickr....some other magnificent resources... thanks a lot!