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A lightweight overhaul of the Markarth home.

Permissions and credits
My overhaul of Vrindel Hall, as usual asset-free and as compatible as possible. 

What I edited:
- Added oven and butter churn
- Cooking pot moved from the bedroom area to the dining room/kitchen where it belongs
- Better beds for housecarl and kids
- Some additional storage in the labs
- When you buy the kids' bedroom, the alchemy lab is relocated in the enchanting room
- Small cot for a guest (I couldn't fit a new room anywhere, but at least your follower won't sleep on the floor)
- Curtains added to the sleeping area (they look like city banners so their appearance depends on whatever retex you're using for those; in the pics you see mine with Sigils of Skyrim)

Compatible with everything except other Vlindrel Hall overhauls.
Tested and confirmed compatible with:
Moon and Star (it adds a spawn point to all vanilla houses so it's incompatible with some overhauls, but it works well with this)
Hearthfire Extended (it adds fertile soil to the planters in the entrance and a brewing barrel to the alchemy lab; NB you still lose the barrel when you buy the children's bedroom)
Alternate Start (you spawn inside the master bedroom, that I haven't edited)

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