Skyrim Special Edition
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Adds a unique and powerful transformation for the player, includes new spells, a very powerful boss with potential to be a follower, all in a level system.

Permissions and credits
Berserker Mode is based on a voice transformation power spell, but it can be used more than once a day. Check the other videos on the videos tab.


The entire mod itself is based on a character level system, that is, the benefits of the transformation and the levels of the boss and creatures will be according to the level of the player. Example: If you get to face the boss at level 30, the boss and the creatures will be aligned at that level; the level system goes from level 1 to 90. Obs. This Boss is extremely strong, don't underestimate.


Increase offensive, defensive, magic, speed, etc. skills.

When you activate Berserker Mode, there is a small delay in the transformation followed by an explosion that causes powerful area damage. Obs. Do not use this near people or you will kill everyone around, for followers there is a protection ring.

When transformed you will obtain a dark aura that denotes your activated power.

Duration: 180 seconds.

Improved Skills:

Block: 5% for every 10 levels.
Carry Weight: 12% for every 10 levels.
Destruction: 10% for every 10 levels.
Health: 100 points for every 10 levels.
Heavy Armor: 10% for every 10 levels.
Light Armor: 10% for every 10 levels.
Magicka: 100 points for every 10 levels.
Marksman: 10% for every 10 levels.
One Handed: 10% for every 10 levels.
Restoration: 10% every 10 levels.
Sneak: 5% for every 10 levels.
Movement Speed: 50%.
Stamina: 100 points for every 10 levels.
Two Handed: 10% for every 10 levels.
Unarmed: 10% for every 10 levels.
Attack Speed: 20%.

Side Effects after use:

-25% Movement Speed.
-50% Magicka regeneration.
-50% Stamina Regeneration.
For 60 seconds the player is unable to activate Berserker Mode.
Another counter-effect is that at the end of the effect, the Magicka/Stamina can go to 0, but life will be restored, if life is not restored the player may die, then there will be a delay in the trigger of the initial regeneration of the Magicka/Stamina.
The Exhaustion will enter 5 seconds before the effect ends.

Side effects during use:
Drain Health/Magicka/Stamina

Constant drain, but it also acts according to the character's level. From level 10 to 20 this effect will not occur due to the small amount of health, magicka and stamina of the user, after level 20 it starts to be drained in 1 point per second, half for magick and stamina. (Increases 1 for every 10 levels).

Berserker Mode God Potion: Increases almost all of your skills to the same proportions as Vanilla's potions. Obs. Consider this a gift, I just created this potion to help you in this fight. Exception only for Illusion, Conjuration, Smithing and Enchantment. There are 5 potions next to the Boss.

Skyrim Armor Cap is 567 (80%), so Heavy/Light Armor Buff can be quite useless if you have the maximum cap.

The Berserker Mode buff does not appear in the interface/perk skills/magic skills, but the potion does, this is normal so as not to dirty the interface. However the Heavy/Light Armor is the only one that will appear in the perk window.

The Princess's Heart: After equipping you will be able to use the same elemental skills and with a wide variety of weapons. Obs. It works differently from the Boss version, it works with contact and not on target.

Standing Power Attack: Firestorm.
Side Power Attack: Darkness.
Back Power Attack: Blizzard.
Bash/Forward Power Attack: Thunder, heavier damage
Normal Attack: Thunder, lighter damage.

Knock Down System

Once in Berserker Mode you can take down enemies with power attacks at 25% chance, works with almost all weapons, except unarmed, staffs, torches etc. However it can be used in conjunction with Ultimate Knock Down System.


The Boss will also change to Berserker Mode after 40% Health, then all of her skills will increase twice of the Player's Berseker Mode, which will also double her hit points. When you defeat Boss, it will disappear and then appear, but in a less diabolical form, so you will have your respect and be able to use her as Follower.
Once the Boss is defeated it will never appear again, but you have a spell called Shadow of the Daedric Princess that allows you to cast the Boss in the most powerful form, you can use it to help you in combat or fight against it. The Boss is located next to Ysgramor Tomb, check last image.

The Follower:

The follower can also transform into Berserker Mode, but only when it reaches 20% of Health. She also uses the same elemental attacks.
The heart is with her, you can equip and use the same elemental skills.
The key to the chest is with her.

Final notes and some technical information:

At first I made this mod just for fun, but as it exceeded my expectations, so I decided to share it with the community. It looks like a small mod, but there are several things involved in this small project, everything involves around the boss and skills, as everything is leveled it becomes a big mod, at least for me who created it.

The Boss has perks and spells, her is not abusive despite appearing, he is as strong as the player could be at the level he is facing.

About some custom perks/spells:

100% Resistance to critical attack.
80% Resistance to ranged attacks.
80% Resistance to magic.
100% Resistance to poison, disease and paralysis.
100% Resistance to stagger, only bash will work.
100% Blocking Resistance, but you will still do damage.
The rest are normal perks, she gets a selection of perks every 10 levels.

Obs. I play at the Legendary Level with a wide range of combat mods, my multiple damage is 0.50 and enemies is 3.00, a simple bandit can kill me, so for me this boss is extremely difficult.

The skeletons also have perks and resistances except the custom ones of the boss, they are there more to make you angry, they have a level system up to level 90 as well.

Depending on how this mod is evaluated, maybe I'll even make some more bosses or maybe a dungeon, it's not a promise, but we'll see. The scripts and special effects contained in this mod are light and vanilla, there is nothing custom or dependent on other mods.


This mode must be compatible with any other mod. Uses very few vanilla references, nothing to worry about, don't remove the edited navemesh from that location, it helps the boss and creatures to move better.

Required Mods for customized armor and hair version:

Royal Daedric Armor
KS Hairdos

Recommended Mods:

Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim
Dealdy Combat
Dynamic Combat Module
Dual Wield Parrying
Ultimate Knock Down System

Credits to Nexus, Bethesda and company.
I would like to give a special thanks to the Lovers community, because I got a lot of information from them. Another special thanks to my friend DarkyTomazini who tested the project from the initial stages to the end.