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Adds a new Follower in Riften .

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  • French

This is my first more *complex* follower mod, I learnt a lot along the way and I'm happy with the result. This mod adds a new Thief Follower in Riften.

Kirsten can be found at Haelga's Bunkhouse, ready for adventure and crime.
Kirsten is one of my many characters , I wanted to share her through different playthroughs so she would keep my dovahkiin some company while being useful to carry stuff and open locks. She is voiced by Kikiliappus who released a fantastic set of resources here (she uses the TEMPEST Voicetype) . 

Kirsten is a Nord thief currently staying at Haelga's Bunkhouse,  she's waiting for a good offer. 

Since I made use of an open source voice set, Kirsten won't feature any personal quest or futher development . 

  •  Kirsten runs on her own follower system, so she won't count against your follower limit.
  •  She has 100+ lines that featuring location-aware comments, combat and idle lines.  
  •  She will store items that you don't want her to use. She will gladly carry your burdens around until you reach the first town and sell everything off.
  •  She can open novice and adepts locks, provided she has lockpicks in her inventory. 
  •  Kirsten has her own Combat AI. She is an archer and will use her bow all the time, keeping her distance, but will switch to daggers whenever the enemy is too close. She is stealthy and does not set off traps . 
  • Skills: Light Armor, Sneak, Lockpicking , Archery, One-handed    |    Perks: Agile Defender, Novice Locks, Adept Locks, LightFoot, Silent Roll, QuickShot, DualFurry

Install with a mod manager (Recommended)
OR extract the content and put it in your data folder.
Choose UNP or CBBE . The mod includes custom textures but will use any body preset you have .

Silent Horizons ENB
Celes Rogue Armor

Eyes of Beauty 
HG Hairdos
Custom Voice Resource
Mattiewagg for his tutorial for making a Custom Follower
AgryKarakuri for his scripts and tutorials on how to make a follower
Custom Skin Mashup (Maevan Textures + FairSkin + PureSkin + RealGirls)

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