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Requiem patch to add Resistances, Weaknesses & loot table edits to the amazing "The Dragonborn's Bestiary" mod, this also patches the requiem book "Bestiary of Skyrim" to unlock certain entries from that book when read.

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The Dragonborn's Bestiary - Requiem Patch

The Dragonborn's Bestiary and Requiem is truly a match made in heaven, this patch simply had to be made

Patch includes the following features:
  • Resistances
  • Weaknesses
  • Loot adjustments
  • Added a new icon for Daedric Weapons
  • Changed Pierce icon to a Dagger
  • Changed Slash icon to Axe + Sword
  • Changed Blunt/Bludgeon icon to Warhammer + Mace
  • When the requiem book "Bestiary of Skyrim" is read, all the creatures in the book will have their Bestiary entries unlocked!
  • Adjusted wording of some entries to match the information in the "Bestiary of Skyrim" book
  • Adjusted wording of some of the Dragon entries as their resistances depend on their breath type
  • Adjusted wording of some of the undead entries to mention weakness to sun spells (Icon now added in v1.1!)
  • Dragonborn creatures are patched with Fozar's Dragonborn Patch in mind

(Red box around icon in game means the creature has 100% Immunity)


 Bludgeon - Maces & Warhammers         
   Slash - Axes & Swords   
         Pierce - Daggers                                            
      Ranged - Bows & Crossbows

          Daedric Weapons




       Fire or Frost - Used for Dragons - resistance is dependant on dragons breath

 Magic - A slight resistance/weakness to all schools of magic




Load Order:
Load directly below The Dragonborn's Bestiary and below any UI replacers like The Dragonborn's Bestiary - Untarnished UI Patch or The Dragonborn's Bestiary - NORDIC UI Patch

Optional file added - The Dragonborn's Bestiary - Lorerim 1.7.3 Patch:
  • Made a small Lorerim patch to carry over a few adjusted loot records and resistance tweaks, this is standalone and does not require the main file.
  • Also includes some of the creatures from Mihails mods, big thanks to monkeyangie for making the awesome The Dragonborn's Bestiary - Addons mod which I have used some assets from

Even though I combed through xEdit and got a detailed list from the amazing dabiggieboss & Noxcrab I may have made a mistake with a couple of these or missed something completely, please feel free to let me know and I'll adjust accordingly.
Note that at the moment there is unfortunately a limit of 5 resistances and 5 weaknesses per creature so for creatures with more than 5 I just added the highest percentage ones. Unfortunately some of the lower percentage resistances and weaknesses had to be culled.

Screenshots are taken using the following mods:
The Dragonborn's Bestiary - Addons

The Dragonborn's Bestiary - Untarnished patch

**Please note: There is a minor bug when first reading the "Bestiary of Skyrim" book that can make the widget announcing a new entry to get stuck on the last entry loaded (Probably because its carpet bombed with multiple entries as soon as the book is read), if this happens simply save then reload and it will go away.**