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The rebirth of my old food mod. This adds expands on the lackluster feel of the food system offered in that mod.

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If you know me, I love making food mods. I don't know why. But "The Magic of Food & Drink" has been an ongoing project (well on and off again) for a pretty long time really, especially if you followed me back on Legendary Skyrim. 

So what does MOFADreborn do? 
1) New Alchemy Ingredients! Well first, I've added new alchemy ingredients and food items to found on some of the other creatures in Skyrim. 
2) Diverse Food Effects! I have diversified the food effects, Foods can range anywhere from a 3 to 12% regeneration buff. Foods will have multiple effects, including Fortify effects. More food effects are now possible. An example would be that Milk, has a chance to cure poisons. Apple Dumplings, boost your Restoration Skill. 
3) New food Recipes! Like Seared Bear Meat, Stuffed Gourd, or Seared Wolf Ribs. As well as new soups and stews. Some recipes were missing cooking options, like Seared Rat Mat.  The recipes from the book Uncommon Taste can now be created, but you must have the book in your inventory to do so. Basic Wines can now be created, but you must have an Alchemy of at least 25 to do so! Water has been added as well as a food item to be found. You can now make Cheese and break them into wedges. You may also make basic ales and meads now too!
4) Almost all food ingredients have a use. Carrots have been incorporated into different recipes. Salt's been removed as a necessity from some ingredients as well. Frost Miriam and those other household hanging plants, such as Elves Ear have a use in your cooking. Onions are now an Ingredient too! New seasons and spices are added for two new recipes. 
5) Water is a thing. You can buy Water now from Innkeepers and Caravaneers. 
6) Categorized Food. All foods have been organized into different categories in your UI and renamed to be easier to find. It took me a while, to categorize the drinks especially I had to research how they were made in the Lore to find an appropriate placement. 
7) Hearthfire Integration. All new foods and foods introduced from Hearthfire have been incorporated into the food lists at Inns.

Credits, Assets & Permissions
Fruits and veggies - Modder's Resource by PraedythXVI
masterzero76 - for a multitude of ideas I couldn't think of.