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I am creative, artistic, and sometimes moody. I suffer from depression (dysthymia), peripheral neuropathy. I am having an operation this October 2018. Because of this all my mods are open resource, meaning you can use any part of my mods for your own. If you publish said mod, please make sure you give credit in your mod description.  I am 49 years old, and currently living in spokane valley, washington. I am married, but with no kids. I love to draw, sing, fiddle on the keyboard, and i love role-playing games of all kinds. I'm pretty poor in real life, I don't even have a decent computer to even be playing skyrim let alone mod it, but I do my best. But I look at being evicted as a god-send and a way at getting a fresh start financially. One of my goals is to be a youtube streamer , so I can stream skyrim videos. Because SKYRIM is my passion, its the only thing that has survived my Depression it keeps me going.

NOV 2018: I'm currently recovering from back surgery and on break from modding because of that and real life issues. But I hope to get back into it once my life is semi stable. I cannot offer support for any of my SE mods because of all this, that and my computer really can't handle it either. So sorry.


Currently I have allowed someone to make a new version of Unique Loot for Xbox users. 


DEC 2018: I have lost my computer... i had kept my computer in storage with a friend. And that friend let the payments lapse, so the facility has auctioned off everything. I am mad and devestated. 




I started modding when I first played Skyrim using the SkyRe overhaul mod. It became apparent that the creator did something different which Inspired me. I began to look into other kinds of loot mods that affected sacks and barrels, most gave way too much or didn't do what I was looking for. So Unique Loot was born, I had been working on for six months before releasing on the Nexus. It was all trial and error learning the Creation Kit. Then over the next two years I perfected m knowledge of leveled lists and customizing my own lists. I'm proud to say that I achieved everything I wanted, and tried to learn more (though I am still stumped in the application of certain perks and magic effects). Then I suppose the second most successful mod I've created, is The Magic of Food and Drink Redone, and Lootable Things. There is still one more change I have planned for Unique Loot, but that will have to wait until after I have recovered from my operation in two weeks. I hope to get know more of you all more , or maybe even collaborate on something. I have tons of mini mods on the Nexus which I feel just as proud of though not as popular.

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