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Full 100% UI Replacer for Skyrim Special Edition using SkyUI, Skyhud, and Immersive Hud.

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This is a full UI Replacer for Skyrim Special Edition. When I say "FULL" what I mean is "EVERYTHING". So this will "NOT" be compatible with any ui replacer you have. If you're using some preset for the quest journal where you changed the location of save and load, or any mod configuration mods that make it bigger, or any UI mod for the start Menu, "THIS WILL REPLACE ALL". I can't stress this enough.

None, but I Highly Highly recommend to use moreHud and Immersive Hud.

This mod will have a compatibility patch for More Informative Console and more. This comes with my own preset of Wider MCM Menu, with permission from mod author. I will plan on adding some patches for other UI mods people use, just let me know in the comments if there is anything you wish for me to make a patch for.

I can't stress enough how much this mod is "NOT" compatible with any other ui mods that edit the same menu's I have edited.


There is a good change that many of you will read and still think, yeah it must be compatible with whatever UI mod I have installed, then you download this, replace the old one you have, don't like it and complain to me.

So Please let's just avoid that and make a backup of your old UI files. Specifically the folder called "Interface" inside the "Data" folder.

This mod is heavily inspired by an Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion mod called Imperial Theme for NorthernUI. This mod was made by me from scratch. I did not take any assets from that oblivion mod, (not that you can anyway) plus I have gotten full permission from that mod author to release my inspired mod (even though I didn't need it).

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