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HD Retexture of vanilla Wheat in 2K and 4K.
"Alchemy ingredient" crops and pile of wheat in fields are covered.

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HD Retexture for Vanilla Wheat.

  • This mod is my attempt to retexture vanilla Wheat in HD. I was bothered by the low quality of Wheats in vanilla Skyrim (I mean it is a common ingredient). I didn't find a retexture mod so I decided to try it (It's my first flora retexture don't judge me too harshly).
  • UV Mapping is far from perfect in vanilla Meshes so 4K version is recommanded, 2K version is still better than vanilla anyway (Vanilla is a 512 upscaled to 1k texture...)
  • I also included a LODGEN texture file for people who use SSELODGen or DynDOLOD (anyone who wants to the best!).
  • It is compatible with everything since it's only a small texture mod. Note that Skyrim 3D Trees and Plants provide custom meshes for Wheat Piles in fields so only the crops retexture will be used in your game.
  • DX11 BC7 Compressed Textures (better quality but not compatible with Oldrim)

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PS : I was very busy the last months years (new job, personal life etc.). Sorry for that, I'll try to update HD Lods soon and of course be more active on the support...