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This is a basic port of Vigilant Factions from oldrim here (

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This is a basic port of the mod Vigilant factions! I have been gathering up for a Vigilant of Stendarr playthrough and wanted to use any related mod no matter how small. This mod is actually pretty fun and adds basic radiant quests for the faction. More information about the base mod can be found on the oldrim page!

Nif's translated, esp saved in new form. Everything has run identical to the old mod so far in my own personal playtrough.

- Update :: made the mod visible again due to multiple messages about it, expect some issues (one may be fixable; I.E remove the entire of facegen data if your getting dark faces.)

I have my in progress remake of this mod in the works as well as a banking mod, UNI and covid have eaten into my time to mod, but I should be done with all that by the end of the year!