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Adds a joinable Vigilant of Stendarr faction to the game

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This adds the faction Vigilant of Stendarr to the game. As a Daedra worshiper (Werewolf or Vampire), they are simply your enemy.
Members can live the life of a Vigilant of Stendarr. There are always beasts to kill and sick to cure. You get alchemist vendors at Stendarrs Beacon and the Hall of the Vigilant. If you help the sick, they may even assist you in battle as Vigilant Initiates.

After the Dawnguard quest started and everyone at the Hall of the Vigilant is killed, new Vigilant from Stendarrs Beacon will settle in and a new keeper is elected. Talk to the keeper and help the Vigilant to become a member.

This is not a tunnel quest mod, ending with you being a Vigilant of Stendarr. In fact you could join, then become a vampire, get kicked out of course, cure yourself, repent and join again, become a werewolf, being kicked out... ^^

It is also not a quest you should rush through, you do need the Dawnguard quest to start (level 10 default) to be able to join in the first place. Then you need to gain favor by doing tasks before you can join. You also need a fairly high speechcraft skill to get information about Daedric artifacts (Average Challenge), recruit new members (follower) or find out about vampires.

You could still be member of some secret organisation like the Thieves guild or Dark Brotherhood, the Vigilant simply don't know about. This requires of course some roleplaying part on your side, I can personally imagine being a member of the Brotherhood. Sithis is not a Daedra but part of existence like Anu, without the void there would be no creation in the first place.

Precepts of Stendarr:
- Never refuse aid you are capable of providing.
- Go among the infirm and the wounded wherever you find them.
- Offer prayer to Stendarr every day.
- Do not hoard wealth or indulge physically.
Ptolus the Bright (undated)

The Four Abominations:
The DAEDRA, those unworldly horrors that are not of the Mundus, but come from Oblivion to inflict cruelty and death upon the mortals of Tamriel.
The MANBEASTS, those mortals who through traffic with the bestial Hircine do change their skins for those of animals, preying thence upon the innocent.
The RISEN CORPSES, those restless undead whose rotting bodies persist with loathsome and unnatural vigor, sowing fear and agony among the living.
The DEATHLESS VAMPYRES, who feed horrifically upon honest citizens, regarding righteous mortals as mere cattle to sate their unholy hungers.
Vinicius Imbrex Archbishop of Chorrol (1E 1051)

- new NPC faction as enemy or ally
- Hall of the Vigilant restored after Dawnguard started
- as member: alchemist vendors, radiant quests, facilities, followers
- Call to Stendarr, a power to call for support depending on your faction rank
- unique quests/events that unlock for members at some point in the game


< 0 - can do local tasks for the hall (chopping wood, make a potion, go on patrol at hall and beacon)
>= 0 - can join the faction, on joining adds Call to Stendarr power and opens up kill beasts at hall and beacon, access to all facilities
>= 2 - can ask the keeper about locations of Daedric artifacts
>= 5 - can cure sick and invite them as Initiates (followers)
>= 7 - random events

- Skyrim Legendary (All DLC)

- install via mod manager

- not compatible with mods that change the Hall of the Vigilants like "Vigilant of Stendarr Quests"
- some features like mix a potion do not work with mods that change the entire crafting system such as "Complete Alchemy Cooking Overhaul"
- there should be no issues with mods that change vanilla Vigilants like "Varied Vigilants"
- works fine with "Stendarr's Beacon Enhanced"

Spanish translation patch (thanks to WawSestill):
RSChildren and CACO patch (thanks to the1yunico):

- Cloaks of Skyrim for the black cloak
- Zaric Zhakaron (Loremonger)
- (Lore)