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The dragon aspect overhaul mod you didn't know you wanted but that you definitely need.

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  • Mandarin
The dragon aspect overhaul mod you didn't know you wanted but that you definitely need. Since Dragon Aspect in vanilla is pretty awful, especially for mages, I decided that a little overhaul was necessary, so Dragon Aspect Overhaul was made.

- Removed the sound that plays when Dragon Aspect is active.
- Removed the chance to summon an Ancient Dragonborn.
- A tail grows on your character when the 3rd word is used.
- An overall buff to the shout. Also, if SPID is installed, Miraak will benefit from all the changes.

Dragon Aspect Overhaul comes in two version: Vanilla & Shout.
Vanilla version has a cooldown of 5\5\5 seconds and can be used once a day, with a duration of 10 minutes.
Shout version has a cooldown of 60\120\360 seconds and can be used as much as you like, with a duration of 5 minutes.

Dragon Aspect
For 300\600 seconds, Power attacks are 25\50\75% stronger and physical attacks deal 20\35\50% more damage. Alteration, Conjuration and Illusion spells last 20\35\50% longer, Destruction spells deal 20\35\50% more damage and Restoration ones cost 20\35\50% less. Health, Magicka and Stamina Regeneration improve by 25\50\100%. Incoming physical damage is reduced by 25\50% and Magic Resistance increases by 20\35%. Shout cooldown is decreased by 25%.

Dragon Aspect Overhaul is not compatible with mods which purpose is the same. Any Shouts Overhaul is compatible, as far DAO overwrites them. A patch for Unique Dragon Aspect is provided in the installer.

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