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Reshade+ENB for obsidian. Inspired and modified preset from mythical and ominous. Very high preset. Better with Enhanced Lights and FX (enhanced interior and ice only).

Permissions and credits
You want an ultra preset type cinematic but don't want too exagerated filters? You want a realist and fantasy preset at the same time?
You desire a mod with stunning lightings but that keep sharpeness and does not blind you?
And, very important, keep the obsidian ambiance-weather type and continue to have a good focus on the clouds.
So, it would  probably be your preset.
There have been hours and hours of research on the colorimetry and a balanced lighting.

Look at my mod list below credits (garantee without CTD if correct patches are installed. Use Mod Oraganizer 2 and install via it.)

Please forgive my english skills I am french. I try to improve me further.


First install obsidian the obsidian weather mod (or True Storm SE then obsedian and the patch for true storm available in obsedian optional download)

You need Enhanced Lights and FX (enhanced interior and ice only) link too

I recommend: Binaural 3D Surround Sound for Headphones - HRTF
Important download the last reshade
It is for better gamut and essential for the shapeness.

Execute and select the game .exe select d3d10d11. Install fake hdr, colorfullness, vibrance, lumasharpen and adaptative sharpen.

Download SKSE enb binaries .390

You just need d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll. Put them in skyrim special edition folder.

And obviously :) download my files and copy the files inside "cinefantasychrome" and paste them in the game folder. Accept overwriting.

In obsedian weather options verify that the saeson fx are enabled (on). Else you will have strange ligts and no season time of day and lost multiple weathers.


Ingame use "home" key in order to verify fake hdr, colorfullness, vibrance, lumasharpen and adaptative sharpen are check. Fake hdr must be around 1.0 and colorfulness around 0.500 if it is cleanly install. It is shift+f12 to enable/disable the enb. In posteffet tab you can enable/disable the letterbox.

I recommend playing with a 105 FOV on a 16/9 monitor (limit before eyes fishing). For that you can edit your skyrimse.ini or type fov 105 in the console (² key).
I have incorporate the phinix nighteyes correction for enb. So you could use nyctalopy and vampire vision without troubles.
You can can adjust the saturation for your monitor and preference with the colorfullness reshade (home key).

 If you want less contrast torches in dungeons and less saturation by day time you can use the obsidian options saturation (it is a power spell).
 It looks good but different with the natural obsedian preset. The same for the brightness of the night: there is an option in the obsedian spell manager. I prefer darker nights (it is more logical), which can suddaindly be illuminated by the aurores boreales.


If your framerate is suffuring you can uncheck in the enb the ambiant occlusion (7-10 fps). The frames will stay beautifull even you 'll lost precision in shadows diffusion.

Adjusting the clear sky curve and saturation.
I am programming from scratch an algorithm for a low pass color filter.


thanks to anamorfus for Enhanced light and fx

thanks to Dr Mega Arindel for obsedian

thanks to Arindel for mythical enb
Adyss: schader addon

Thanks to Firemanaf (Ominous enb) link: ominous enb

Thanks to Phinix for nighteyes algorithm correction.
Boris for enb series
Marty McFly for his genious reshade contribution. very interisting for future update compability

Hritik Vaishnav sunshafts used for screenshots: sunshafts

MOD LIST (no CTD and no lore break):

Active SMIM  and obsedian patches when proposed)

+Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
+Skyrim Skill Uncapper
//tips to balance: [SkillExpGainMults]: fLightArmor = 3.00 fSmithing = 10.00 (no cheat with SKyrim chocolate and other) fAlchemy = 10.00 fSpeechCraft = 5.00 fRestoration = 0.50 fEnchanting = 1.50
[SkillFormulaCaps]: iBlock = 80 iLightArmor = 80 iSpeechCraft = 120 iRestoration = 80

+Expanded Towns and Cities SE Version
+JK's Skyrim //RWtwo patch exist choose overwritting)
+JK's Skyrim - ETaC - Patches
+The Joy of Perspective
+Realistic Ragdolls and Force
+Immersive Shouts //balanced and usefull
+Unofficial High Definition Audio Project
+Storm Lightning for SSE and VR (Minty Lightning 2019) //uncheck cloudy and snow ligtings and thunder to avoid bugs)
+Wet and Cold //indispensable
+Convenient Horses
+Men of Winter Fixes //!! to avoid Miraak artefact not spawning
+Better Unique Weapons - BUW
+Delphine go away and (SSE) Version
+Crime Overhaul
+NARC Remade - No Animals Report Crimes
+Guard Dialogue Overhaul SE
+Mum's the Word
+Static Mesh Improvement Mod
+The Men of Winter
+Noble Skyrim Mod HD-2K
+SSE Texture Pack - Osmodius
+Nordic Snow (aka HQ Snow Texture)
+Just Ice
+Terrain LOD redone
+HD LODs Textures SE
+Majestic Mountains //moss plugin defaut orientation
+Ruins Clutter Improved SE
+Better Dynamic Snow SE
+Underground - a dungeon texture overhaul
+CC's Enhanced Ore Veins SSE - 2K - 7.1
+Skyrim Flora Overhaul SE
+Immersive Fallen Trees SSE
+Blended Roads
+Verdant - A Skyrim Grass Plugin
+Realistic Water Two LOD Fix //(in this order yes)
+Realistic Water Two
+ETHEREAL CLOUDS - Special Edition
+RUSTIC SOULGEMS - Special Edition
+RUSTIC WINDOWS - Special Edition
+SkySight Skins - Ultra HD Male Textures and Real Feet Meshes (4K2K HIGH)
+Realistic faces - Skyrim SE Character Overhaul
+Consistent Older People
+Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-
+Bijin Warmaidens SE
+Bijin Wives SE
+Bijin NPCs SE
+Improved Eyes Skyrim
+Serana Renewal
+RUSTIC CLOTHING - Special Edition
+KS Hairdos Lite SE
+Enhanced Blood Textures
+Enhanced Lights and FX
+True Storms Special Edition - Thunder Rain and Weather Redone
+Obsidian Weathers and Seasons
+Footprints //you need it
+Immersive Sounds - Compendium
+Skyrim Chocolate //patch triforge exploit and increase armor cap to 1000
+TK HitStop SE
+Ultimate Combat SE (play in normal or difficult. Not check xtrem dammge but check xtreme furtivity. Now you need to invest it to really use it.
+Floating Damage
+Balanced Magic SE
+Opulent Thieves Guild
+Opulent Outfits - Mage Robes of Winterhold 2018-SSE
+Immersive College of Winterhold
+Stronger Deadric Artifacts
+Dynamic Dungeon Loot (DDL) - Random Loot System
+Moonlight Tales Special Edition - Werewolf and Werebear Overhaul
+Royal Bloodline - Vampire Lord perk tree - abilities - and more SSE Edition
+Touring Carriages
+8K Night Skies - Stars and Galaxies - Cathedral Concept
+Skyrim Unlocked
+Get Snowy
+Alchemist Compendium
+Experience // in ini: bEnableKilling=1 to xp from kills and fSkillCapMult=2.5 for cap skill balance
+Crafting Skill Leveling Overhaul
+ENB Helper SE
+Main Menu Background Replacer
+Ultimate Dragons SE //0.5 for damage else dragon os with ultimate combat synergy)
+moreHUD SE
+Proper Aiming
+Better Staff of Magnus - SSE
+Hun Lovaas - Skyrim Fan-Made combat music
+Still - Skyrim Inspired Music
+Water seams fix //important
+Solitude Expansion