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From one of the main ReShade shader authors himself, bringing some ENB-like features to SSE

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Hello, Marty McFly here, author of MasterEffect, McFX from the Framework and numerous shaders from the ReShade 3.0 github repo. If you ever used ReShade, then you already used my work.


This is, you guessed it, a ReShade preset. However not just your everyday preset, because I'm distributing some shaders here (like my bloom) that haven't been shared yet and with the exception of the includer file I have written all those algorithms myself so in case something goes wrong, I (should) know exactly what to do and can give comprehensive support.
The LUT has been created by reversing the color grading algorithms of skyrim and applying my own one - so it's as close as you get to ENB. You also get a nifty autofocus DoF that doesn't obscure your view all the time. However it will blur the HUD in certain angles, you can disable it though, of course. Also included is my own AO technique that - given the limited capabilities of ReShade - is on par with HBAO+ and serves as a replacement for the ingame AO that is well, you know what I mean.

Key features

  • MXAO - fast and reliable AO technique with Indirect Lighting like ENB's AO
  • Fast color grading thanks to a LUT, removing SSE's color grading and applying my own one
  • Autofocus Depth of Field, quality wise as good as the ENB DoF algorithms
  • High quality bloom, derived from Fallout 4 enbbloom so yeah, another ENB-esque effect
  • Reflective Bumpmapping for some glossyness on objects with high view angle - no plastic look

  • Download ReShade 3.0 over here.
  • Install it by selecting the SSE executable, selecting DirectX 10/11
  • Select "no" for the example shader library prompt
  • Verify that in the Skyrim main folder there is a dxgi.dll
  • Put all the files from the mmgeSSE archive you downloaded into the Skyrim folder
  • Start the game, follow the ReShade tutorial
  • In case ReShade missed the config, take a look at my tutorial how to get started with ReShade 3.0
  • (1.0 and 1.1 only!) Enter "teofis" without "" into the Skyrim console to disable the weird blooming stuff it does by default
  • In the Home tab of ReShade you can add a hotkey to toggle the effects on and off, do as you see fit
As I'm fairly new to Skyrim specific modding, there might be a way to do teofis automatically. Sadly ReShade's config doesn't allow for just drag and drop so you need to configure it.

KNOWN ISSUES: If the AO, RBM and DOF seem to be "vibrating", this is due to TAA, disable that. It just smears the screen anyways. This is entirely a ReShade issue and there's nothing I can do about that, sorry.


1.0 - initial release
1.1 - fix MXAO crash on newest Nvidia drivers (375.70), slightly colder colors, desaturate orange hues, slightly less bloom
1.2 - rework preset so it's not depending on teofis console cmd anymore as toggling this param seems to cause a multitude of problems on SSE