Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Official port with permission from the author.
The legendary weapon pack with over 4mil downloads is finally here, with updated plugins, fixes, patches and more.
This mod adds 50 handcrafted weapons into your game wich can be crafted, looted or found on certain locations as unique treasure.

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Italian
  • German
Note from the uploader:
Since there wasn't an official port and almost everyone in the old page had some trouble
converting it for personal use,
I decided to contact JaySuS for an official port. Easier said than done.
He was innactive from Nexus, his inbox full and nobody appart from himself could give the permission.
So, after some search, I tracked him down to this
website, (check it out he has been doing some awesome stuff with 3D art)
and after we made contact there, the rest took place on facebook.
I uploaded screenshots of the parts of the conversation were he is giving me explicit permission for this.

In the future I will be making small updates  and provide support for it.

Enjoy the mod!
p.s. The player home used in the screenshots is Aemer's Refuge by LeanWolf, check it out it's phaenomenal!

From the Original mod page:
All weapons in this mod were created using a professional pipeline
from very high detail models with around 7million polygons each. 
Every little notch and cranny you see is an actual 3 dimensional feature on the original model
and was put there by hand with lots of care and love.
No textures were used, every single dot was painted by hand to simulate the material in question
to the best of my current abilities.

This mod contains the following weapons,
most require the steel smithing perk but some may require more advanced smithing perks:

-Argonian Blade 
-Akavirii Short Saber (ebony)
-Hunting Knife 
-Dragonsting Dagger (advanced)

Blade Of Dibella (unique)

-Albensword (advanced)
-Ancient sword

-Boarding Knife 
-Akavirii Sword 
-Akavirii Saber (ebony)
-Knight's Sword 
-Fine Iron Sword 
-Magnificent Sword (advanced)
-Norse Sword
-Fine Norse Sword
-Gilded Norse Sword (advanced)
-Nordic Blade
-Crusader Sword
-Fine Crusader Sword (advanced)
-Gilded Crusader Sword (advanced)
-Dragonsting Sword (advanced)
-Hunting sword 2 variants
^(dagger animation, speed, damage)
-Long hunting sword 2 variants
-Khajiit Saber (advanced)
-Legionaire's Sword
-Scimitar (advanced)
-Baskethilt sword
Bastard sword
-Dragonbone Sword (dragon)

-Gungnir (unique)
-Jade Blade (unique)
-Azurbrand (unique)
-Dovah Luv (unique)
-Legendary Corundum Blade (unique)

-Argonian Battleblade
-Heavy Crusader Sword
-Fine Bastard sword (advanced)
-Knight's greatsword
--Akavirii Battlesaber (ebony)
-Dragonbone Greatsword (dragon)

-Dragonbrand (unique)

-Crude Axe
-Nordic Axe
-Fine Norse Axe
-Great Norse Axe (2h)
-Woodsman's Axe
-Dragonbone Waraxe (dragon)
-Dragonbone Battleaxe (2h,dragon)

Install with your favorite mod manager
It shouldn't conflict with other mods except those that edit the weapon leveled lists.
It's a minor conflict wich means that either NPCs will carry weapons from this mod or the other (wichever is loaded last)
I will try to provide patches for the major weapon mods as best I can.
A patch for Immersive Weapons exists already in the optional files.

 The Craft Only version is for those who only want to craft everything at a forge, with the appropriate perks.
No handplaced unique weapons in the world. No NPCs carrying the normal ones.
The craft only version does not conflict with other mods' leveled lists.

Unique weapon Locations:

Gungnir - Ustengrav, leaning against the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller's pedestral
Azurbrand - Ilinalta's Deep (final room next to azura's star)
Dragonbrand - Throat of the World, top
Blade of Dibella - Broken tower redoubt , Mercer Frey's house, Black briar manor, Helas foly exterior, Brine water grotto.
(generally around Statues of Dibella)
Dovah Luv - Skuldafn Top, Entrance to Sovngarde
Jade Blade - Blades Hideout in Riverwood
Legendary Corundrum Blade - Labyrinthian exterior

-me ...JaySuS

-the Nifskope team for their outstanding work without which there would be no mods for bethesda games
-Ghogiel for a tiny tip that saved my day
-Dave Humphrey for SkyEdit (take that Bethesda and your "we will release a CK soon" :P lazy bunch)
-Timeslip for TESSNip and BSABrowser
-Dave Humphrey for SkyEdit
-La Confrérie des Traducteurs et Corax pour la traduction francaise
-DarkRuler 2500 for the german translation
-Aohige for the japanese translation
-Shadowjin for "Dovah Luv's" name
-Mister M for lending me his dragon figurines
-AurianaValoria1 for "Blade Of Dibella's" name
-The Outlander for his outstanding user-tech-support and troubleshooting assistance

Copyright rules:

by downloading and using this mod you agree to the following:

all content of this mod is protected and may not be redistributed or modified without JaySuS explicit permission.

a breach of this agreement results in penalties including but not restricted to:

-a civil lawsuit with the possibility of a criminal lawsuit

-a 150 us$ fine for the additional beaurocratic workload

-in the case of redistribution a 5 us$ fine for each download achieved by this mod

-you may create plugins and mods based on this mod as long as your mod stays dependant on mine,
your mod may not contain any assets contained in my mod under any circumstances

-JaySuS reserves the right to revoke any rights granted, make changes to this agreement and/or terminate this agreement at any time