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A series of three small mods that allow you to get a hold of some items from other mods more easily and without cheating. Primarily inteded for Legacy of the Dragonborn users, though not all of these require it.

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If you're trying to fill up a museum with artefacts, RNG can really suck. These mods attempt to make it a bit less sucky.

Snow Elven Equipment - You can now craft Ancient Falmer/Snow Elven weapons and shield at the smithing forge, as long as you have the Elven Smithing perk and one of two corresponding items (which share the same model) in your inventory. So for example, if you want to craft an Ancient Falmer Sword, you need to have either Winter Storm or another Ancient Falmer Sword (randomly found on a small number of Falmer enemies and one late-game location) in your inventory.

Requires Legacy of the Dragonborn.

Jaysus Swords' Dragonbone Weapons - The original version of Jaysus Swords is an old mod. Barely older than Skyrim itself. It was released before Dawnguard DLC (which added all dragonbone weapons) and because of that, it includes 4 dragonbone weapons made by Jaysus. Since the DLC introduced dragonbone weapons made by Bethesda, the original four were made unavailable within the mod without the use of console commands. Strangely, the Jaysus Swords patch for Legacy of the Dragonborn still has displays for them. Now you can get them without cheating. Jaysus' Dragonbone SwordDragonbone GreatswordDragonbone War Axe and Dragonbone Battleaxe can now be crafted and can be found in the world as part of a small number of leveled lists.

Requires only Jaysus Swords. A bashed patch is recommended.

Immersive Weapons' Dragon StavesBruniik AgKrah Rahgol and Unahzaal Feyn* are three rare staves added by Immersive Weapons. They only spawn on high level boss enemy dragon priests (as in, enemies who by default are not dragon priests, e. g. King Olaf or Red Eagly, but can spawn as them if you encounter them at level 50 or higher). Well, there's a chance that they spawn, it is not guaranteed. This mod simply adds these three staves to three specific dragon priests - Ahzidal, Dukaan and Zahkriisos, *respectively. Two versions are provided, a basic version and a Konahrik's Accoutrements version.

The basic version requires only Immersive Weapons.

The KA version requires Immersive Weapons and Konahrik's Accountrements.