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Grants the player new perks and powers upon completion of quest lines.

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Completing the Main Quest, DLC Main Questsfaction/guild quest lines, and some other miscellaneous quests grants the player some perks which may be passive Abilities or usable Powers or Spells. Powers granted may be Greater Powers (usable only once in every 24 in-game hours) or Lesser Powers (usable at will). Perks are added automatically for quests completed before installing this mod.

This is an extension of perks-as-quest-rewards feature which exists in the game for some minor quests, some of these rewards are: Prowler's Profit, Gift of the Gab, Sinderion's Serendipity, Sailor's Repose, Ancient Knowledge, Agent of Mara, Agent of Dibella, and powers like Summon Spectral Assassin.

Legendary Edition mod available here

Xbox edition on

PS4 edition on (a few differences due to asset restrictions)

Mod Details

All added perks and abilities will be listed in the Active Effects Menu, and if you use the mod SkyUI you can sort this menu by Source so that all the added perks are listed together.

This mod can be installed mid-game, and the perks and powers are retroactive, so you can install this mod on an existing save-game where quests have been completed.

The added abilities and powers are balanced as per the length, difficulty, and "importance" of the quest line. For example the powers and perks gained from the Main Quest and Dragonborn DLC are stronger than those gained from the defeating Potema or destroying the Dark Brotherhood.

Following is the comprehensive list of all added perks and powers and their effects:

Main Quests

Main Quest: Grants the Dragonslayer Passive Ability
The Dovahkiin has vanquished Alduin and ended the Dragon crisis. Shouting in combat staggers nearby enemies. Weapons and Thu'um deal 15% more damage to Dragons.

The stagger effect applies on hostile people, creatures, and even Dragons whenever you use your Thu'um.

Civil War - Imperials: Grants the Legate Passive Ability

The hardships and trials of war have tempered the Hero of Skyrim, giving a permanent bonus of 20 to Carry Weight, Stamina, and Magicka. Friendly people nearby have their armor increased by 30 points in combat.

Civil War - Stormcloaks: Grants the Stormblade Passive Ability

The hardships and trials of war have tempered the Hero of Skyrim, giving a permanent bonus of 25 to Health and Carry Weight. Friendly people nearby wield their weapons 5% faster in combat.

Dawnguard DLC on the Dawnguard side: Grants the Guardian Paladin Passive Ability

The Paladin permanently gains and in combat bestows a blessing of 75 armor and 10% magic resistance to all nearby friendlies.
The effects are active on the player character permanently, and when you are in combat the bonuses also apply on nearby friendlies (people as well as creatures).

Dawnguard DLC on the Volkihar Vampire side: Grants the Primogen Passive Ability and Diablerie Spell

The Lord of the Volkihar Vampires resists the weapons and Vampiric drain spells of enemy Vampires by 25% and of other undead by 15%, and can perform the ritual of Diablerie.

Reconstruct a human corpse as a Gargoyle or a canine corpse as a Death Hound in a lengthy ritual but at no magicka cost to serve until destroyed.

Diablerie is a ritual spell with no magicka cost, which allows you to construct your own Gargoyles and Death Hounds from corpses. These count against the summon limit. The summons are leveled (by default in the main plugin) and are stronger than the usual variants, and have extra armor and magic resistance. Demonstration of a Death Hound creation.

Dragonborn DLC: Grants the Supremacy Passive Ability and Devour Dragon Lesser Power


Having witnessed Miraak at the summit of Apocrypha, the Last Dragonborn can use Devour Dragon power on a Dragon under the effect of Bend Will. Shouts are 15% stronger.

Devour Dragon
Use on a Dragon under the effect of your Bend Will shout to devour its very soul, killing it to refill your Health, Stamina, and Magicka. You will not absorb a soul from that Dragon.

This power will have effect only on Dragons who are completely under the influence of your Bend Will shout. It kills them instantly and restores your attributes, just like Miraak did with the Dragons Sahrotaar, Kruziikrel, and Relonikiv in your final battle against him.

Guild Questlines

Companions: Grants the Harbinger's Saga Passive Ability

The Harbinger's resolve is hardened and nearby friendly people and werebeasts are inspired, increasing their courage and recovery from wounds during combat.

You gain a permanent boost to your Health by 25 points and health regeneration Healratemult by 20 points, and when you are in combat your allies (only people, not creatures) as well as friendly lycanthropes/werebeasts (werebears and werewolves) have their Confidence increased by 1 and regenerate 1.2 Health per second.

College of Winterhold: Grants the Aetherial Veins Passive Ability and Wizard's Fury Spell

Aetherial Veins
The Archmage's exposure to the Eye of Magnus has granted 10% spell absorption chance and 20% faster magicka regeneration, and the use of the Destruction spell Wizard's Fury.

Wizard's Fury
Damage targets in a 15 foot radius with 15 points of Fire, Frost and Shock elements each. Extra arcane magic damage inflicted when caster's health is low.

Wizard's Fury, namesake of the Mages Guild reward spell in Oblivion, is now an expensive and powerful spell. The elemental perks in the Destruction tree and lower health percentage to maximum health increases the power of the spell to be much more magicka efficient than the more mundane Destruction spells. Extra element-less damage: +30 points below 75% health, +35 points below 50% health, +40 points below 25% health, +45 points below 5% health (all cumulative).

Thieves Guild: Grants the Syndicate Passive Ability and Elusive Fox Greater Power

The Guild's influence has reached new heights. All locks are easier to pick. Move 20% faster while out of combat. Prices are 15% better. Gain the power Elusive Fox.

Elusive Fox
Once a day, the Guildmaster can use artifice to escape from any situation, turning impervious to damage for 90 seconds.

The power turns you Ethereal for the duration. Certain actions like attacking or firing a spell or speaking to an NPC breaks the effect. Read more.

Dark Brotherhood: Grants the Pitiless Justice Passive Ability and Anathema Greater Power

Pitiless Justice
The Listener of Skyrim's Dark Brotherhood has faced tenacious dangers from outside and within and can mark any target for death with the Anathema power. Weapons do 5% more damage while in Sneak Mode.

Just being in sneak mode is sufficient for the attack bonus, being undetected is not required.

Once a day, mark any single target to reduce their physical damage resistance by 300 and magic resistance by 50% for 10 minutes.

This power is used silently and is not detected as hostile.

Side Quests

The Blessings of Nature - Retrieved the Sapling: Grants the Agent of Kynareth Passive Ability

Movement speed is increased by 5%. Stamina regenerates 15% faster.

The Blessings of Nature - Retrieved the Sap: Grants the Zealot of Kynareth Passive Ability

Weapons deal 5% more damage to animals. Damage taken from animals is reduced by 10%.

Animals include dangerous creatures like Frostbite Spiders, Trolls, and the Chaurus.

The Wolf Queen Awakened: Grants the Sacrament Passive Ability

Take 15% less physical damage from summoned and reanimated minions.

Destroy the Dark Brotherhood: Grants the Spectre Passive Ability

The Penitus Oculatus, also called "Spectres", have shared some of their skills and training. Gain a 10% chance to reduce physical damage received by 50%. Gain 25% poison resistance.

You are also rewarded 5 skill levels in One Handed, Light Armor, and Sneak.

The Readme in the Docs tab contains more details as well as instructions for batch files. A Readme file is also included in the FOMOD.


Uninstall the older version of the mod and remove its files, including old patches if using any.

If installing the bsa edition of the newer version of the mod, please ENSURE to remove ALL older version's loose script files i.e. files with .pex extension.

It is recommended to do the update for a save-game where your character is out of combat.

Install the newer version and install the new patches as needed. Start the game and continue your saved game. The mod will be automatically updated then.

Load Order

Installation/loading priority of mod folder contents (relevant to mod managers like MO2) is not a concern as there shouldn't be any loose asset conflicts.

The load order of the main plugin Perks from Questing.esp is also not a concern and can be placed anywhere. However, patches if installing any must be loaded after Perks from Questing.esp.

The plugins are esl-marked and do not take up esp/esm slots.

Other details regarding patch load order are mentioned in the FOMOD installer.


Fully compatible with all mods:
As all the records and assets used in this mod are new, the chances of any direct compatibility issues or conflicts are zero.

Patches can be made for mods which modify the creatures Gargoyle or Death Hound for the sake of consistency only. So, patches for Requiem (Legendary Edition mod or any SE port) and Advanced Adversary Encounters have been included in the FOMOD.

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