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This mod adds a unique perk to the player, depending upon who is following them; just like in Fallout New Vegas. All Skyrim followers complete, including DLCs.

Permissions and credits
Followers Share Knowledge - a player perk mod
by GrandBulwark

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Everyone needs a friend, who else is going to help you crush all who oppose you?

Short Description
Followers give the player a perk unique to that particular follower. The perk lasts as long as the player has that follower with them(Includes making them wait somewhere). General description of perks can be found in details.

Welcome everyone! You know what sucks? Skyrim followers. Sure, sure; you've all got your "Ultimate" overhauls for them and they are pretty good. But still, there isn't much incentive for the Dragonborn to use any follower; why? They are simply under-powered in most cases thus making them more of an annoyance than an asset.

No more my friends! This mod adds perks to the player, based upon which follower they currently have which dissipate when you dismiss them or they die! Just like in Fallout New Vegas. All of the followers in Skyrim, Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn have been covered, apart from a few special exceptions. Separate .esps are available to those without all DLCs, but I've also merged those into a "Legendary Edition" which of course requires all DLCs.

This mod contains no scripts, it should be relatively safe to remove if you are not a thrilled with it as I am. I do not suggest removing any mod however, unless you have a save prior to it's install. So please people, back up your saves.

If you remove the mod, enter these commands in the console first.

stopquest bulwarkperkregulator
stopquest bulwarkDLC1perkregulator (If you have Dawnguard plugin)
stopquest bulwarkDLC2perkregulator (If you have Hearthfires plugin)
stopquest bulwarkDLC3perkregulator (If you have Dragonborn plugin)

This mod is the first of it's kind and is a Nexus exclusive, NO re-uploads or asset use anywhere without my permission.

The Perks
I will not include the magnitudes, only what the effect does. Animals are not effected as they use a different system.
  • Argis The Bulwark: Increases damage blocked by your shield
  • Calder: Resist frost
  • Iona: Harder to detect while sneaking
  • Jordis the Shield-Maiden: Resist Magic
  • Lydia: One-handed skill buff
  • Aela the Huntress: Archery damage buff
  • Farkas: Health buff
  • Athis: Resist fire
  • Ria: Light armor skill buff
  • Njada: Shield skill buff
  • Torvar: Stamina buff
  • Vilkas: Reflect damage
  • Brelyna: Alteration buff
  • J'zargo: Destruction buff
  • Kharjo: One handed damage buff
  • Onmund: Illusion buff
  • Cicero: One handed damage buff
  • Dark Brotherhood Initiate: Harder to detect while sneaking
  • Erandur: Restoration buff
  • Golldir: Health
  • Illia: Magicka regeneration buff
  • Borgakh Steel-Heart: Critical hit chance
  • Ghorbash the Iron-hand: Critical hit chance
  • Lob: Block skill
  • Ogol: Resist Disease
  • Ugor: Stamina regeneration buff
  • Adelaisa Vendicci: Speech skill buff
  • Ahtar: Two-handed damage buff
  • Annekke Crag-Jumper: Armor rating buff
  • Aranea Ienith: Magicka regeneration buff
  • Benor: Carry-weight buff
  • Cosnach: Unarmed damage buff
  • Eola: Critical hit chance
  • Faendal: Archery damage
  • Mjoll the Lioness: Critical hit chance
  • Roggi Knot-Beard: Enchantment strength buff
  • Sven: Persuasion skill buff
  • Uthgerd the Unbroken: Two handed skill buff
  • Avulstien Grey-mane: Armor rating buff
  • Brother Verulus: Restoration skill buff
  • Delphine: One handed damage
  • Esbern: Magicka regeneration buff
  • Enmon: Armor rating buff
  • Hadvar: Health buff
  • Ralof: Health buff
  • Karliah: Archery damage buff
  • Mercer Frey: Sneak skill buff
  • Brynjolf: Onehanded damage buff
  • Valdr: Onehanded skill buff
  • Derkeethus: Waterbreathing
  • Erik The Slayer: Twohanded damage buff
  • Jenassa: Sneak skill
  • Marcurio: Destruction skill buff
  • Stenvar: Armor rating buff
  • Vorstag: Improve armor/weapons more
  • Belrand: Conjuration skill buff
  • Serana: Destruction damage buff(powerful)
  • Agmaer: Health regeneration buff
  • Beleval: Archery skill buff
  • Celann: Stamina regeneration buff
  • Durak: Health buff
  • Ingjard: Twohanded damage buff
  • Gregor: Health regeneration buff
  • Rayya: Poison resist buff
  • Valdimar: Block more damage with shield
  • Frea: Armor Rating Buff(powerful)
  • Ralis: Improve armor/weapons more
  • Neloth: Resist magic(powerful)
  • Talvas: Conjuration skill buff
  • Teldryn: Onehanded damage
  • Followers left unaltered:
  • Gleda the Goat: Because... it's a goat you weirdo; what's it going to do give you milk?
  • Geirlund: Quest follower in a quest with multiple followers, unworthy
  • Thonnir: Optional quest follower, not used often
  • Thorald: Only follows for a few moments
  • Vidrald: Quest follower in quest with multiple followers, unworthy
  • Animals due to problems with implementation.

Important Notes:
Not all followers have been tested. The records have been thoroughly checked, I would appreciate you folks keeping an eye out for spells that don't apply in the active effects. Report these to me immediately. I've tried very hard to maintain balance with the effects, using 15 followers however(considering the effects apply after the first) could potentially unbalance the game. All standing compatibility tests have been invalidated, so let me know if you have problems with UFO, AFT or EFF; I should be able to patch those relatively quickly.

  • First and foremost; a huge thanks to Madcat221. Without his insights this mod would not have been possible.
  • Bethesda for Skyrim and the Creation Kit.
  • Sharlikran for Tes5Edit
  • The Vampire Dante for the name, mine weren't quite doing it.
  • Dark0ne for
  • Progapanda for testing
  • Spphy for testing
Permissions:I give full license to follower mods to create compatibility patches, it will save me the trouble. I would like to be informed about it though, contact me if you have questions on how to do so. Translations are also perfectly fine with me, just drop me a PM so I can link it here. No other reuploads of any kind, especially to Steam. You may ask, but this mod was a great deal of work and it would have to be a great idea for me to allow another author to integrate it.