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Adds Oldrim like Godrays, Controllable Skin tones and Sky tone control. Works with almost every ENB out there Now.

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What is this?
This was made to plug into your current ENB and add more features to it in the form of Shaders that don't change the look of your preset directly but add to it.

What does it add?
It adds Godrays that get cast from the sun. SSE already has that you say? Very true. But for me and many other, these Rays don't look good enough to replace the Rays that ENB had built in on Oldrim ENB. And since Boris won't port his I made my very own.

Skin Toner
This Also adds More control over skin tones which I already released in another mod before. This version removes the blur feature since it didn't really worked that well and was barely used anyways. The tone control, however, has improved a little.

Sky Toner
I was adding basic control over the Sky. For now, it barely does anything but I will expand this in the future.

Fake HDR
Since V1.4 it contains Fake HDR. I found that boris added a Texture that has no shadows so that all areas are exposed. I used this to make a little shader that simulates HDR in some way.

Sunglare and Glow
Draws 3 different textures 20 times from the sun position and simulates sun glaring. Currently WIP.

Replaces the bloom shader of your ENB with one of mine. Also Supports Lens dirt(Ships with 3 different textures)
How to Install:
After downloading this find the enbseries folder in your SSE root folder. Extract the content of the zip in the enbseries folder. Watch my setup videos afterwards for information on how to set it up



How to separate day and night:

Finish Sunglare and add more Textures
Add #define toggles for all the effects

First release

Fixed Sky toner to actually work
Made Godrays disappear at night.
Changed Ray power code a bit. Should now not get through houses that often. Also shouldn't be casted by that many fires anymore. I am well aware of the bug but I don't think there is anything else I can do about it.

V1.2: (only released to a few people to test)
Fixed Sky mask
Some minor fixes

Added a prepass to godrays that avoids fire casting and clipping
Improved Quality and performance by editing the Jitter and doing fewer blur samples (thanks to Sandvich Maker and kingeric for the tips)
Redone Sky Dither. its still WIP.

Fixed a lot of minor stuff and improved performance a little by that.
Changed the way the Rays come in the image. The rays will be more intense if the sun is closer to the screen center. Once the sun is offscreen the rays are off. But it slowly fades away the less you stare at the sun.
Added Fake HDR. It's my attempt to simulate an HDR look. Results may vary on your ENB. Normally should make the image a little brighter and give more shadow detail.
Added toggles to all effects

Added Bloom
Added Sunglare WIP
Fixed rays from coming from the wrong direction of the sky.
Added Shadow lift for Fake HDR shader.
Some other minor fixes

Note for ENB authors:
Feel free to include this in your preset. But give proper credit to me on the page. Also, don't remove the ingame message that says my name. This might seem weird but I have invested a really long time into this and like to get proper credit for it. I think it's not wrong to ask for that.

Find me on:

Id like to thank a few people for helping me here and there:
The Sandvich Maker