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This mod changes several quests, giving them higher requirements for objectives to be fullfilled.

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This mod changes several quests, giving them higher requirements for objectives to be fullfilled.

Mara Quests

- Swaps the Temple of Mara quests (The Book of Love and Spread the Love): You first need to deliver pamphlets to the people of Riften , before you can go on the pilgrimage. (Book of love quest)
- Increased the amount of pamphlets you need to deliver: 20 -> 30.

Nirnroot Quest

A Return to your Roots: Increases the amount of Nirnroot you have to gather for the Return to Your Roots quest to 40 (from 30). There are 43 in total in Blackreach, so it's still doable.

Solstheim Quests

- A New Debt: Increased Drovas Relvis' debt to 100,000 septims (from 1,000) -> You'll have to pay this to Mogrul, or risk being hunted down, after Drovas becomes Neloth's steward.
Note: as Solstheim is, in most cases, higher tier content, just paying 1,000 septims felt kinda low. So, with it set to 100,000, it will have more of an impact.
- It's All In The Taste: increased amount of drinks to distribute: 10 -> 15
- Fetch the Netch: increased amount of Netch Jelly needed: 5 -> 10


- You no longer get auto-thaned by Balgruuf after killing Mirmulnir in the main quest Dragon Rising. You now actually need to earn the people's trust to earn your thaneship in Whiterun.
- Increased the people you need to befriend in order to become a thane:

Minor Hold (Falkreath, Hjaalmarch, the Pale, and Winterhold): 3 -> 12
Major Hold (Eastmarch, Haafingar, the Reach, the Rift, and Whiterun): 5 -> 20

More information about befriending people for Thaneships can be found here.

If you're having trouble finding enough people to please for Thaneship, I made this mod. I'd recommend that together with mods that add more people to the cities.

If you're using Skyrim Unbound Reborn (Alternate Start) Or you still want to get auto-thaned after killing Mirmulnir in the main quest Dragon Rising, please use the Harder Thaneships - Only Globals file. (Do not use this together with the other harder Thaneships file.)

Bloodkin Quests

Removes all shortcuts to become a Bloodkin to the Tribal Orcs. The only way to do this now, will be through doing the quest to find the Forgemaster's Fingers.

Alik'r Prisoner - Higher Fine

Increases the cost to free the Alik'r Prioner in the In My Time of Need quest, from 100 to 10,000 septims.


Q: "Why make these quests even more tedious? They're bad enough as they are."
A: "I understand your opinion. However, I'd thought to share them for people that are interested in them, and requested them. (Yes, people actually did.) If they're not your cup of tea, that's perfectly fine. Just don't download them, and move along silently, please."

Q: "What happened to all the other modules?"
A: "I decided to give some of them their own pages, as I felt those tweaks were very differently to what I originally planned to use this page for. You can find them here at the following locations."

Q: "What about the LE version of the tweaks?"
A: "The LE version won't be updated anymore, as I fully moved to SE. Maintaining and supporting a version for both LE and SE is pretty strenuous, and as it's been since 2016 that SE is a thing, I think that's where the majority of players are nowadays."

Q: Why did you release all these tweaks seperate? Can't you just put them in a pack?

A: They used to be in a pack called Andrealphus' Gameplay Tweaks. (which is now named Andrealphus' Tweaks - Harder Quests

However, since the title wasn't descriptive enough, many people were having issues finding a particular tweak. That mod was just a bag of random things, because I never really thought about packaging it up for the public.

I was just playing around with it, releasing them as I made them. However, I want to make all of the tweaks to be easier to find by the public, and as such decided to seperate them and give them better descriptive names.

For instance, if someone was looking for a mod to feed rabbits, they couldn't find the tweak that I made, since it was part of "Andrealphus Gameplay Tweaks". However, now I hope it's easier to find them. My apologies for any inconvenience.