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A collection of gameplay tweaks by AndrealphusVIII.

Permissions and credits
Disclaimer 1: These tweaks are provided as is. I WON'T be making any patches, other versions, merges and/or other requests. If you yourself want to change/tweak anything or make a patch, feel free to do so. (see permissions!)

Disclaimer 2: These tweaks are provided as a modder's resource. This means that it's expected that you know how to use xEdit to at least be able to do basic conflict resolution, to provide your own patches, as I won't be making any myself.

LE version can be found here.

SE version can be found here.

This is a collection of several patches I have been making over the years and I decided to finally share them. Mainly some tweaks to make certain quests harder, and fixes to several exploits.

1. Follower Favor Carry Limit

Fixes the exploit in which you can ask a follower to pick up an item, even if they're overencumbered already.

2. Harder Mara Quests

- Swaps the Temple of Mara quests (The Book of Love and Spread the Love): You first need to deliver pamphlets to the people of Riften , before you can go on the pilgrimage. (Book of love quest)
- Increased the amount of pamphlets you need to deliver: 20 -> 30.

3. Harder Nirnroot Quest

A Return to your Roots: Increases the amount of Nirnroot you have to gather for the Return to Your Roots quest to 40 (from 30). There are 43 in total in Blackreach, so it's still doable.

4. Harder Solstheim Quests

- A New Debt: Increased Drovas Relvis' debt to 100,000 septims (from 1,000) -> You'll have to pay this to Mogrul, or risk being hunted down, after Drovas becomes Neloth's steward.
- It's All In The Taste: increased amount of drinks to distribute: 10 -> 15
- Fetch the Netch: increased amount of Netch Jelly needed: 5 -> 10

5. Harder Thaneships

- You no longer get auto-thaned by Balgruuf after killing Mirmulnir in the main quest Dragon Rising. You now actually need to earn the people's trust to earn your thaneship in Whiterun.
- Increased the people you need to befriend in order to become a thane:

  • Minor Hold (Falkreath, Hjaalmarch, the Pale, and Winterhold): 3 -> 12
  • Major Hold (Eastmarch, Haafingar, the Reach, the Rift, and Whiterun): 5 -> 20

More information about befriending people for Thaneships can be found here.

6. No Easy Bloodkin

Removes all shortcuts to become a Bloodkin to the Tribal Orcs. The only way to do this now, will be through doing the quest to find the Forgemaster's Fingers.

7. Only Dead Lovers Cause Inheritance Letters

Increased the required relationship rank, for inheritance letters to occur, from 1 (friend) to 4 (lover). Rank 1 was in my opinion to easily achieved.

8. Player Grab Stealing

Grabbing an owned item (Z-keying) will count as stealing. (like in Oblivion) This is done to avoid dragging an owned item to a hidden place in order to steal it there.

From v2.0 onward

- Added support for items in interiors. (Thanks to Ezteee on Twitch for pointing out this issue.)

- I also made some exclusions when the player is in a faction and/or the item is owned by the player.

- In addition, I removed a buggy Vanilla mechanic, which is described in this topic: , because it was interfering with my tweak.

From v2.1 onward

- Added a line to break invisibility when dragging an item.

9. Releasing Clutter on Actors deals Damage

Following items will cause damage to NPCs when you drop them on an NPCs (un-Zkey): Buckets, baskets, cast iron pots, kettles, dwarven bowls. The damage will make the NPC enter combat and/or give you a bounty.
This is done to fix the "bucket head" exploit.

10. Speechcraft Randomization

Randomizes the required speechcraft level checks in dialogues. In Vanilla, this was a fixed value, but using these tweaks the levels are as following:

- Very Easy: Vanilla 10 ----> Random number between 0-25
- Easy: Vanilla: 25 ----> Random number between 20-45
- Average: Vanilla 50 ----> Random number between 40-70
- Hard: Vanilla 75 ----> Random number between 65-95
- Very Hard: Vanilla 100 ---> Random number between 90-145

When you have the "Persuasion" perk the result of any of these values will be multiplied by 0.7.

11. Solitude Catacombs

Tweaks the Solitude Catacombs so the locations of both of its entrances makes more sense.

12. Raven Rock Jails

Makes the interior of the jail of Raven Rock Bulwark bigger and adds more cells and prisoners.

13. Stones of Barenziah - Alternate locations

Several small edits to the stones of Barenziah, which moves them to locations in other worldspaces.

Note: all of them require a new game and will not work on existing saves.

  • A. Solitude Proudspire Manor -> Dawnguard: Volkihar Keep (Harkon's room.)
  • B. Whiterun Hall of the Dead -> Solstheim: Tel Mithryn (Next to the staff enchanter.)
  • C. Whiterun Jorrvaskr -> Beyond Skyrim - Bruma: Castle Bruma Lords Manor (Next to the count's bed.)
  • D. Dainty Sload -> Falskaar: Volkrund Keep (Near the place where brother Arnand meets his final demise.) (This is a child ESP for Falskaar, which requires Falskaar obviously and is an unofficial addon to it.)
  • E. Ansilvund -> Wyrmstooth: Krakevisa Midden (Near the end of the dungeon, in a library-like room) (This is a child ESP for Wyrmstooth, which requires Wyrmstooth obviously and is an unofficial addon to it.)
  • F. Dead Crone Rock -> Beyond Reach: Evermore, Ink Dominion (upstairs)(This is a child ESP for Beyond Reach, which requires Beyond Reach obviously and is an unofficial addon to it.)
  • G. Felglow Keep -> Gray Cowl of Nocturnal: Fortress of Ben Erai inside the fortress, upstairs in Syloria Peleu's office)(This is a child ESP for The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal, which requires The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal obviously and is an unofficial addon to it.)

14. Locket of Saint Jiub - Clothing

Turns the Locket of Saint Jiub into a clothing item, rather than Light Armor. Requested here.

15. Feed Rabbits

This tweak adds a dialogue option to feed carrots to rabbits, which will give you the Gift of Charity buff. Wild rabbits need to be calmed first though, before they can be fed.

Requested here.