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This small tweak makes Missives quests raise disposition of the questgivers and recipients of the Missives.

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As some people requested on my Harder Quests page, in particular Harder Thaneships, it's sometimes difficult to find enough people to do favors for, in order to gain thaneship for that Hold. (especially in smaller holds like Falkreath.)

For this reason, I made this tweak, so that NPCs you complete Missvies quests for, will count towards people to help for Thaneships.



Q: Will you port this to <insert other version of Skyrim>?
A: I only support the PC Steam English Special Edition of Skyrim. Any other version I won't support myself. However, I do allow others to port it to other version at their own responsibility. (see permissions)

Q: Will you make a version that does X?
A: Currently, I have no other plans.

Q: Will you make a similar patch for X?
A: Currently, I have plans to do so.

A: Yes.

Q: I still don't have enough people to do favors for. What else can I do?
A: I'd suggest installing some mods that add more NPCs to the cities, so you'll have more options.