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Halted Stream Camp is sitting on top of a decent iron mine. This mod will let you claim the mine for a faction of your choice, preventing bandits from spawning there again.

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Halted Stream Camp is pretty good, as far as generic bandit dungeons go. It's got a nice design that makes sense as an actual place, with a touch of that unique flavor that shows whoever designed it really put some effort into the little things, and I'd like if more of the little dungeons the player might never visit were like Halted Stream Camp. It has a nice iron mine too, so you have at least one reason to keep coming back. Unfortunately, solid design aside, the place is poorly lit, covered in traps and gross dead mammoth bits, and the bandits do get a bit tedious.

So I cleaned it up. The cleaned up version is much better lit, has a cadre of guards with an actual guard rotating schedule because sleep deprivation is a real problem, miners to replace the poachers because one of those groups is really valuable to everyone who would Halted Stream Camp and the other one has a weird mammoth-hunting fetish I'm not super comfortable with, and an overseer. Basically, I took the default poaching camp and made it into a mining camp.

To see the cleaned up version, you have to claim the camp at either of the banners, or the ledger at the end of the dungeon. Once claimed, the camp will change control after 5 real-time minutes, 24 in-game hours, or you getting far enough away that the camp unloads. You can claim the camp for Whiterun Hold, House Battle-Born, House Gray-Mane, the Empire, or the Stormcloaks. Mainly this will affect the guards you get and what factions or gear they have, but there are some fringe benefits if you side with Whiterun, House Battle-Born, or House Gray-Mane. Claiming the fort will spawn guards and miners, and introduce you to the default overseer, Fjori Farroson. He will improve the benefits no matter who controls Halted Stream Camp, so it's probably a good idea to keep him alive, but he's not irreplaceable so there are backup overseers if you decide you don't much like him.

If Whiterun controls Halted Stream Camp, Whiterun will be generally better for blacksmiths. Both Eorlund and Adrianne will have more iron ore for sale, and an average of 100 more gold to barter with. House Battle-Born and Gray-Mane will improve things more for themselves, but a somewhat flexible player can benefit nonetheless. One of Eorlund or Adrianne will have the additional ore for sale, and the controlling house will have an average of 300 extra gold for players to steal.

Also, this mod supports Radiant Exclusions. Once the camp has been claimed, Halted Stream Camp will put itself on a list to no longer be targeted by "Kill the bandit leader" type quests because there will be no bandit leader to kill. Note that for this to actually work, you require the Radiant Exclusions optional file included as an optional file here.

Plug and play.

Post in the comments. I'll need you to provide as much info about what other mods you're using as possible, because if I can't make it happen with just this mod and you don't tell me what else you have, there's nothing I can do for you.
It might take a bit to get answers in the first few days. I am very much over the entire concept of Halted Stream Camp right now and I'd rather not revisit it any sooner than I have to. The good news is that no one else cares about Halted Stream Camp, so as long as you reset control to the bandits, nothing bad can happen if you just ignore the mod altogether.
My computer literally can't run SSE, so if your issue is exclusive to SE, please bear with me while I try to help you.

Yes on the scripts, because those are all mine. No on textures and meshes, because they aren't. Check out the original authors for those.
Do at least consider that if you're using any script that says LCO or forms that start with 015f I'm still actively working on that stuff and you're going to have a bad time if you pack outdated versions of my scripts and don't update them every time I do, but I'm not going to stop you. I assume you're a responsible adult.