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This mod adds a complete and functional Citadel the size of a DLC with all the interiors, vendors and various possible interactions. You can ascend the hierarchy by gaining renown in the Citadel, fight to defend your walls or support your people. Beginning as a simple peasant and coming to the post of Lord Commander of the Citadel.

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What does this mod do? This mod adds a complete and functional Citadel the size of a DLC with all the interiors, vendors and various possible interactions. You can ascend the hierarchy by gaining renown in the Citadel, fight to defend your walls or support your people. Beginning as a simple peasant and coming to the post of Lord Commander of the Citadel. From the Thane position, you will enjoy your grand castle, with your spouse and up to six children, as long as you use 'hearthfire multiple adoptions', for that please read the description.
The mod also has an introductory quest, but that leaves you free to advance in the positions as you wish,  your can gain renown in various ways, read the full description to find out how.

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If you would like to thank me for this mod, please read below. Otherwise, you can skip
the text, which is not related to the mod itself. (See spoiler)


History of the citadel

The powerful Jarl Balgruuf of Whiterun had been receiving many complaints from his people. They were constantly attacked and robbed by bandits and looters who came from northern Skyrim. The looters took advantage of the uncharted footpaths between the mountains to enter the Whiterun Hold domains with ease and without notice.
After being made aware of this, the Jarl ordered the construction of the Citadel in the middle of the mountains, so that the region could be inhabited by its people and at the same time defend its borders from the looters in the north of Skyrim.
The Whiterun Jarl also ordered the creation of an elite lancers division to garrison his newest fortress city. To command them he named his eldest son and little-known Sigmund to Thane of the town. However the new Thane possessed some secrets, and has recently disappeared; the last place he was seen was in the catacombs of the citadel within the city.
Knowing this the Jarl sent the captain of the guard and some men to fetch his son, but they never returned, it being up to you to discover the mysteries that haunts the catacombs under the citadel.

1- Completely fortified city of medium size with all fully furnished and unique interiors.
2- Raise your reputation and move up in the city.
3- Become a powerful Lord or Lady commander below just Jarl of Whiterun.
4- Complete castle, with a beautiful design ready for you to live.
5- Support for your family with up to 6 children provided you have the mod 'Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions' mod.
6- Functional mirror in your room where you can change your appearance.
7- Functional bathtub in your room where you can take a bathe.
8- New banners customized for your noble family.
9- New armor for guards.
10- New shields and weapons for the guards.
11- Two new followers.
12- A new dungeon catacombs of the citadel where you can generate new enemies.
13- Functional books that you can use to study and improve your skills (two uses per day).
14- Basement of the castle with large area for displaying weapons, scrolls, claws and masks.
15- Receive wages according to your social position in the citadel. (your salary will be deposited daily in the safe below the book in the main hall)
16- Generate attacks and defend the walls of the north. Plunder the caravan of the invaders!
17- Several functional traders to buy and sell goods.
18- Functional sauna for you to relax in.
19- and much more... in the full description.
Where is the Citadel?
It is north of Whiterun between the mountains, there's new road leading to it plus an active marker on your map. (see location photo)
Where do I start?
To start carrying out the search in the catacombs of the city, take the note speaking with guard next to the door of the catacombs, and begin the search.
The quest is optional but its a good idea for you to take it from the start to understand the history an give to you access to the second floor of castle. You will live with your followers until you can become Thane or Lord Commander.
How does my political position compare to Whiterun?
If you become Thane or Lord Commander in both ways you will serve the Jarl as a vassal. In other words, you serve the Jarl and Whiterun Hold, but you will have full control over the city.
Both positions give you full access to the castle, but Lord Commander your daily wage goes up and you will be considered the second most powerful man or woman in Whiterun Hold. 
What are the positions and how can I move up?
You need gain reputation in the city (read below the various options for how to earn the necessary reputation). Your amount of renown can be seen in the book within the throne room, as well as your current position and your current daily wage. To update your position title it may sometimes be necessary to open the book again to update it.
The positions are: 1- Peasant 2- Recruit 3- Soldier 4- Sargent 5- Captain 6- Thane  7- Lord Commander.
The higher your position the higher your salary will be deposited daily in the safe below the book in the main hall.
How to move my family into the castle?
You must have access to the 'Thane' position, the minimum necessary for full access to the castle, and especially the master bedroom.
Secondly you should read the full description of the mod 'hearthfire multiple adoption', to see what its incompatibilities and usage rules are.
Afterwards go download the mod and release the " Bless Home " spell in the main castle Hall.
Mod Link: Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions
How can you gain renown?

Before you know how to win renown it's more important that you know you can lose it too!
Yes, for example, you select in menu to donate to the warehouse 20 bags of flour and you don't have 20 bags, (must be exactly 20). You will be considered "all talk and no action" thus making your reputation fall.
The same goes for any kind of appeal or financial donation to the temple that you do not have. don't choose an option if you don't have the necessary items or you'll lose your reputation!
Other good way to lose renown is when selcting the option to intimidate the nobles of Whiterun. Being that your position is only as a recruit within the citadel for example. Can you intimidate a noble? An intimidating rookie recruit? I believe that it can't be very good for your reputation.
To win renown it can be in several ways they are:
1- Combat in the northern walls, you should talk to the guards of the northern gate. There you can generate attacks from looters in the north. You will gain some renown by defense and capture a caravan that you can loot (with several other random people) stuff that's useful to donate to the city and gain more renown. (after looting a caravan speak with the guard remove the bodies in order for your reputation to be counted)
Note: The dead guards can be hired again in the book in the wall.
2- Inside the catacombs: After finishing a mission you can replay the dungeon in the catacombs several times, just talk to the guard next to the catacombs door. you gain a good amount of renown each time you complete the catacombs.
3- Donating food: In the Warehouse there's a book you can use to donate some food to build your renown, but remember if you don;t have amount of food selected you'll lose renown instead of winning.
4- Donating Materials: You can donate materials in the Warehouse by accessing the book.
5- Working: you can collect the materials in the mine of the citadel and then donate to the Warehouse by accessing the book (like stone and firewood for example), or hunting then collecting the furs and deer meat for example.
6- Exploring: I distributed several handcarts with items (random amount) to use in the citadel inside all over whiterun hold, mainly within the ruins and corners of the caves.
7- Distributing: (nord mead) to upgrade the happiness of the population in the Warehouse book.
8- Produce clothes for the people in the tanning rack (Peasant Cloth) and donate in the Warehouse book.
9- Donate to the temple: There are various amounts of 1,000 to 50,000 gold. In temple books.
10- Pay a bard to sing about you: In a book from the main hall of the castle. In the options of 'interactions with Whiterun'.
11- Gift to the Jarl: Nothing more than buy support from him. In the choices of Whiterun menu book in the main hall.
12- Bribe: You bribe the nobles of Whiterun, careful... You can loss money and reputation! Remember that to persuade nobles is not a simple thing yet but if you go too low position ...
13 - Intimidate: can intimidate the nobles, send henchmen for this purpose. In the book in the main hall in the Whiterun options. The lower your position in city the less chance of success you will have. And you can lose a lot of renown this way.

Before doing anything, save without this mod and save it as a Back-up. This is for all mods that have scripts and active quests. In case you need uninstall in the middle of game.
With Vortex/Mod Organizer:
Download and install as normal.
Extract the LC_Citadel.rar file somewhere on your PC.
Place within your Skyrim Data Folder the following files:
Activate the mod in your load order and enjoy.
Use vortex normalty.
Return your Back-up save before you used this mod.
Delete this files of you skyrim data:
Return your Back-up save before use this mod.




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I think I credit it all people if I forget someone send me a PM, kindly I'll add. Thank you very much all!