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Book Covers Skyrim is a retexture of all the readable books, journals, and notes in Skyrim. It gives each book and journal its own unique cover and adds many additional paper styles to the notes.

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Portuguese
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  • German

The BCS Compatibility Patch Collection now resides on its own page on the Nexus and will be updated separately. While it does contain the old Compatibility Patch for Book Covers Skyrim version 2.6, all future versions of the Compatibility Patch Collection will support the most recent version of Book Covers Skyrim only. Compatibility Patches are available for REQUIEM, BSQBN, SKYRE (all languages), PERMA (All languages), BSQBN+SKYRE, TCIY, ASM, OB, CCOR, NASB, RSM, RBA, RALSS, EBS and ISB.

- Skyrim Legendary Edition
- Original or Desaturated textures

- Unofficial Skyrim Patch
- Unofficial Dawnguard Patch
- Unofficial Hearthfire Patch
- Unofficial Dragonborn Patch

- English (default)

- Czech
- English
- French
- Italian
- Polish
- Spanish

Book Covers Skyrim Chinese Edition by bennyyao with LOCALISED CHINESE TEXTURES
Book Covers Skyrim Brazilian Portugese Translation by thetag

- Book Covers Skyrim is registered with BOSS and LOOT which should sort it into the correct place in your Load Order. Place Sorting Mods above Books Covers Skyrim and Compatibility Patches below it.

- BAIN/FOMOD: Use either Wrye Bash or one of NMM or ModOrganizer to install the mod.
- Manual: Unpack the download with 7ZIP and move the Book Covers Skyrim.esp and Book Covers Skyrim.bsa to your Skyrim/Data directory and activate the ESP file.

- BAIN/FOMOD: Use either Wrye Bash or one of NMM or ModOrganizer to remove the mod.
- Manual: Remove the Book Covers Skyrim.esp and Book Covers Skyrim.bsa from your Skyrim/Data directory.

Book Covers Skyrim is a high quality retexture of all the readable books, journals, and notes in vanilla Skyrim and all three DLC. It gives each book and journal its own unique cover and adds many additional paper styles to the notes. As of version 3.0, Spell Tomes are included in the mod with optimised meshes and a replacement texture for each school. All spells of a given school share the same texture.

To help distinguish skill books from other books, they have had a star added to the spine of the book.

Known Compatibilities:

Skill Book Overhaul - MORE SKILL BOOKS
Unread Books Glow
Mark Books as Read
Tamriel Compendium
Books Books Books
Unlimited Bookshelves by Nazenn *NEW*
Bookshelves Script SKSE (Requires SKSE)
Bookshelves Updated Script SKSE (requires SKSE)
Read Books Aloud by Chesko and Sjors Boomschors
Read And Learn Speechcraft Speech
The Eloquent Reader (which hosts its own compatibility patches)
Books of Skyrim - a bookshop by mannyGT

Known Issues or Incompatibilities:

Qotsafans Compatibility Patches is NOT COMPATIBLE with Book Covers Skyrim as it is abandoned and out of date. Do not use the Qotsafans - Book Covers compatibility patch or the Qotsafans All-In-One Patch as it will cause your game to crash.

Any mod that edits textures or meshes for Spell Tomes will also conflict. Currently this will conflict with Jeclredured - Spell Tomes, Jeclredured - Spell Tomes IIEdwarrs Spell Tome Books, Books Books - Trifle from Hiro and Spell Tome Replacers. If you wish to use any of these mods simply apply the "Revert BCS Spell Tomes to Vanilla" optional download AFTER Book Covers Skyrim then apply your preferred Spell Tomes replacer.

Some users trying to install the mod using NMM are getting this error message. "A problem occurred during install: Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown. The mod was not installed." This is because NMM 32-bit has an issue activating mods with very large files inside of the archive. NMM 64-bit does not have the same limitation. If you have this problem you can either install the mod manually, or use one of the loose file versions.

Bethesda Softworks for the original artwork.
Lisa Laughy. for Original line art for "Children of the Sky"
Phoenix Amon (Daleth), without Book Jackets: Oblivion this mod would not exist.
Grimbot for Grimbots DLC Book Jackets for Oblivion
Metallicow for his book textures and his resources...
Grugnak by Peter Seckler

Chaky2 for developing the initial installation FOMOD scripts.
Malinoric for developing the initial BAIN Installation Wizard.
mcguffin for developing TESVTranslator which is helping keep the Localized versions of the mod up to date.

InsanitySorrow for Red Eagle's Bane/Fury Graphic from Unique Uniques used on the cover of "Legend of Red Eagle" with permission. for the Free Stock worn book cover textures.
Best0for0Last for the Rose Quill Pen used on Feyfolken Volumes 1 to 3
Moonlight-The-Wolf for the Casanova Rose on A Gentleman's Guide to Whiterun. This was custom art created specifically for this book.
Falln-Stock for the bloody handprints on A Kiss, Sweet Mother
Spiritsighs for Photoshop Brushes
Skunky123 for permission to use his 4K Giant Skin texture on Ode to the Tundrastriders
FullmetalDevil for the Yin Yang Celtic Dragon on The Song of Hrormir
Corfus for permission to use a screenshot for the cover of The Wispmother
Dawbun for the Celtic Ravens used on the covers of Songs of the Return.
Lupas-Deva for the vector Wolf used on the cover of Thirsk, A Revised History.
Boyingopaw on Brusheezy for the Stitch Brushes used on journal covers
MonsteractiveBlog for a selection of distressed leather textures used on journal covers
Jaqx-textures for leather stock used on journal covers for grunge fabric and leather textures used on journal covers
inmateOfmymind for the blood brushes used on various journals including the Butcher's
Synchronetta for splatter brushes for water stains
Alharaca for leather stock
PikKatze for the fish scales texture
FantasyStock for the fabric texture on Karan's Journal
Kiso-Myruso-Stock for misc fabric textures
Myruso-Stock for misc fabric textures for various fabric stock
Geverto for paper stock
annfrost-stock for paper stock
poisondropstock for paper stock
firesign24-7 for paper stock
esther-sanz for paper stock
smashmethod for paper stock
s3ptic-stock for paper stock
knald for paper stock
N-A-R-I for pencil brushes used on Treasure Maps
emptysamurai for textures used on Dark Brotherhood and Black Briar Mead notes
ofruin-stock for paper stock. WRITTEN PERMISSION OBTAINED for use outside deviantART
Faelivren for alchemy brushes used on Notes
Sirjumala for alchemy brushes used on Notes
TheLazyFox for alchemy brushes used on Notes for illuminated borders on Bordered Notes 01 to 13 and Mythic Dawn Museum Invitation
Designs of the Nords by KEWB1144 for Hold Banners used on the Hold Notes
paranoidstock for key brushes used on book covers
jeclxohko for Magic Symbol Resources
PriestMorokei for the House Telvanni symbol

You don't need ask me for permission to use the contents of this mod for any reason. You have it.

You can add to, subtract from, alter, enhance, embellish, patch, improve to your hearts content. This is meant to be a starting point for others to improve on, not an end all be all mod. I only request ONE thing in return...

1) You acknowledge the work I've done, and the work of those that I have credited. Rome was not built in a day and neither are mods. We all stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. Give credit where it is due.


I have been asked to provide access to the Photoshop source files for the Book Covers Skyrim textures so that a non-English language version of the textures for the mod can be created. I wanted to make this announcement to say that I give consent for the Photoshop source files to be used to prepare either non-English language versions of the covers, alternative covers, differently desaturated covers or even covers for entirely new books providing appropriate credit is given.

If you read about the Cathedral View of modding, you will understand that at some point a modder has to let go of their mod and give permission for others to take the mod into places they cannot. With this in mind, I have uploaded the PSD files for the entire Book Covers Skyrim mod - Books, Journals and Notes. The whole lot. As an added extra I have included such fonts that were marked as Free but I would advise you to go to websites such as and see what else they have that takes your fancy. There will be some Commercial fonts used for which you will have to find substitutes.

If you are thinking of producing non-English versions of the textures I would like to make you aware of the scale of the undertaking.

There are around 420 Books, 120 Journals and about 100 Notes. While many (about 75%) of the Books have the text as separate editable layers, the remainder do not. They will tend to be flat textures inherited from Book Jackets Oblivion and will require careful editing to make them convincing.

As well as the textures themselves, you would have to prepare new normal maps as well. The normal maps contain height and shininess information that is affected by the writing on the cover.

The Books and Journals have 1024x512 DXT1 textures for the Inventory and World views and 1024x512 DXT5 normal for the Inventory and 512x256 DTX5 normals for the World. The Notes have 1024x1024 DXT1 textures for the Inventory, 512x512 DXT1 textures for the World, 512x512 DXT5 normals for the Inventory and 256x256 DXT5 normals for the World.

Remember you will have to produce desaturated textures too. I used a -50 desaturation adjustment for the mod.