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Oldrim Nexus Community - Mayor McCheese - Leadpipejustice

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"Replaces ALL vanilla & DLC weapons with lore friendly, quality made counterparts. Each crafted by their master weaponsmiths of the Oldrim Nexus. (Thatss riiiiiiight. NO .ESP BABY!)" - Leadpipejustice 2019

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This is a SE port of: Vanilla Weapon Replacer LE

- using NifSkope and SSE Nif Optimizer

LE page was last updated on Nov 23, 2019
is this up to date: YES! All fixes ported

- Using Mod Organizer (or any other mod managers, I assume)
- download and install file, and ya done!
- load it last or give it priority to have it overwrite other weapon assets, and everything should show up

- replaces only vanilla meshes for Skyrim's weapons


how about some armors to go with these weapons?
Try these out:

  • Vanilla Armor Replacers SSE by NordwarUA & JDJ3: [LINK]
  • Vaultman30's Armor Extended SE by Mayponce: [LINK]
  • Medieval Overhaul-WIP by Medtech: [LINK] (CURRENTLY REMOVED)

Credits (copied from LE page):


and a thanks to you as well Leadpipejustice, for letting me port this to SE to share with others. It deserves love!