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Oldrim Nexus Community - Mayor McCheese - Leadpipejustice

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"Replaces ALL vanilla & DLC weapons with lore friendly, quality made counterparts. Each crafted by their master weaponsmiths of the Oldrim Nexus. (Thatss riiiiiiight. NO .ESP BABY!)" - Leadpipejustice 2019

Permissions and credits

This is a SE port of: Vanilla Weapon Replacer LE

- using NifSkope and SSE Nif Optimizer

LE page was last updated on Nov 23, 2019
is this up to date: YES! All fixes ported

- Using Mod Organizer (or any other mod managers, I assume)
- download and install file, and ya done!
- load it last or give it priority to have it overwrite other weapon assets, and everything should show up

- replaces only vanilla meshes for Skyrim's weapons


how about some armors to go with these weapons?
Try these out:

  • Vanilla Armor Replacers SSE by NordwarUA & JDJ3: [LINK]
  • Vaultman30's Armor Extended SE by Mayponce: [LINK]
  • Medieval Overhaul-WIP by Medtech: [LINK] (CURRENTLY REMOVED)

Credits (copied from LE page):

"Proof of permissions available upon request. Thank you all for keeping my Skyrim game alive" - Leadpipejustice

Andragorn's Armoury

Two Warhammers - KingWinter, okokokok

Artifacts of Ultima - DMagnus

Berserk Dragonslayer - Phate3

billyro (special thanks to you Good Sir) They're Masterworks all you can't go wrong!
Pickaxe Redone
Rhoda Sword
Hook Blade
Dovah Nord Weapons
Billyro's Misc Mods
Morgynn Ashcroft Sword Remade
Galanterie - German Inspired Longsword
Warrior's Legacy
Fenrir Blades
Epoch Weapon Pack
Marauder - Mace
Leaf Dagger
A Month of Internet Deprivation Weapon Pack
A Second Month of Internet Deprivation Weapon Pack
The Serenity
Scottish Claymore
Niofroeia - A New Sword
Duellist - A New Sword
Mordant - A New Sword
Stalwart Axe
Fetcher's Knife
Sand Scorpion - A New Sword

Bobs Armory Skyrim - Mr. Dave (special thanks to you brotha!) Would not even have been possible for this to exist without you!

Spike Axe
Skallagrim's Armory
War Leader's Axe
Crescent Axe

ghosu - dat nice Tribal Staff - excellent work!
Ghosu - Helmets_Bone Shield and Tribal Staff

Dwarven Axes- Blut Kult

Gizmodian Oblivion Weapons For Skyrim - Gizmodian

Japanese Weapons-Froloff007

Witchblade Armor and Weapons
Elvish Weapons
Dwarven Weapons MKII
Full Moon Weapons
Wolf Steel Weapons
Dragon Steel Weapons
3 Medieval Arrows

Induron_Ul_Mehalini_Khandin - indra2015

Knights of The Garter - jomalley12211

Kukatsuo Weapon Tsundra Axe V1.01 -kukatsuo

MediEvil Weaponry- KorinOo

Moraelins Maces 1_05
Overlord Axe 1_04

Real Bows - DecimusMaximus

Samurai Bamboo Arrows -Alrock10

Skyrim Arrow Overhaul Resources -MaGlas

Somewhat Historically Accurate Swords - drunkzaelot

The Stamford
The Thegn

Staves of Skyrim - Kearsage

Giant Hammer by Tamu75

Albion The Baron - Uschtenheim

The Witcher 3 Weaponry - Oaristys

ZunaSW- Stuhn Fist - Kynes Wind
Stuhn's Fist Sword
Kyne's Wind - Sword


and a thanks to you as well Leadpipejustice, for letting me port this to SE to share with others. It deserves love!