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Last updated at 2:19, 18 Apr 2014 Uploaded at 17:54, 1 Oct 2013

Update history:
V1.0 - Skull helmet released
V1.1 - Troll helmet and retextures added
V1.2 - Demon helmet and retextures added
V1.3 - Deer helmet and retextures added
V1.4 - Yngols helmet and retextures added
V1.5 - Bone Shield added
V1.6 - Spartan Helmet and retextures added
V1.7 - Riekling and Bone Helmet added
V1.8 - Crown of Yngol added
V1.9 - Skeleton Helmet added
V2.0 - Nordic Helmet of the Knight added
V2.1 - Mask of Vor'His added
V2.2 - Spartan Helmet II added
V2.3 - Steel Plate Helmet of the Knight and retexture added

Spartan Helmet Slideshow by FatalisticZero:

Optional file added: Tribal Staff (user request)
Update: Simple Staff model replacer added (user request)

Install it using the mod manager or simply open the archive and copy both folders and
Ghosu - SkullHelmet.esp to ...Skyrimdata - same with the optional mod.

Craft them at the forge (misc) or use the console (see screenshot), item names "Bone Shield", "Spartan Helmet", "Spartan Helmet II", "Skull Helmet", "Troll Helmet", "Demon Helmet", "Yngols Skull","Bone Helmet", "Riekling Helmet", "Crown of Yngol", "Skeleton Helmet", "Nordic Helmet of the Knight", "Mask of Vor'His", "Steel Plate Helmet", "Deer Helmet" and "Horned Deer Helmet" - "Tribal Staff"

Helmets: 3 versions (light,heavy,cloth), a few (long) haircuts may cause clipping errors. If you want to use a black or white retexture just check out the explanation in the image gallery. I pick little requests from time to time myself (!) when i'm in the right mood - no big modding projects any more since i only spend a few hours/week in front of the screen!

New weapons, matching Auriel's Bow:


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Check out my Weapon Pack featuring 18 weapons in 32 variations and a shield.


... and my other mod featuring muskets, blunderbuss and even a grenade launcher: