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A small setting that fixes SSE's frame rate issues without any loss of visual quality.

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Let me begin by saying that this mod is only a tweaked setting of Boris Vorontsov's ENB program and that this fix is made entirely possible by the capabilities of his work.  I in no way invented this tool, I'm just putting it on the nexus because I haven't seen anything like it on here yet and I'm sure I'm not the only person experiencing frame rate issues on a powerfull rig.

My hardware:
i7 6700k @ 4.0 GHz
MSI Z170I gaming pro board

Despite my overly capable machine, I was plagued by massive deviations in frame rate when I started playing SSE.  It would be at 60 fps, then dip down to 30 fps and then steadily climb back up.  I knew it wasn't my PC, as I run Fallout 4 on ultra with Vouge ENB between 55-72 fps depending on the in game weather.  I attribute SSE's frame rate issues to the game's vsync setting, which doesn't seem to be optimized well.  As many of you surely know, Skyrim and SSE cannot be played over 60 fps without experiencing physics issues and screen tearing.  I tried using an external frame rate limiter with vsync off and I still got a fair amount of screen tearing.  With this fix, I get a rock solid 60 fps and zero screen tearing or physics problems.

This fix uses settings found in Boris Vorontsov's Fallout 4 ENB v0.307 to take the place of SSE's organic vsync function.  This is not an ENB preset and won't change your visuals or graphics in any way.

This fix may also cause your game to take longer to load from the launcher to the main menu.  I stare at a black screen for about 20 seconds.  This is normal and won't effect you in game loading time.

I don't believe this fix will cause any performance loss, as you are essentially swapping one vsync function for another, but I cannot guarantee this for every machine.

Skyrim SE ENBSeries v0.310 is here.  These binaries are optimized for SSE and as a result, the game loads much faster than when using the previous version.  I highly recommend upgrading.

1.  Download Boris Vorontsov's Skyrim SE binaries from here
2.  In the WrapperVersion folder copy and paste the d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll files into your SSE directory (the one with skyrim.exe in it)
3.  Download this mod and copy and paste the enblocal.ini file into the same SSE directory
4.  IMPORTANT Open your SkyrimPrefs.ini found in your DOCUMENTS, not the game folder, and change the iVSyncPresentInterval= from 1 to 0 under [Display].  Should look like this: iVSyncPresentInterval=0
5.  Launch SSE and enjoy.  If you've installed this properly you will see a message from Boris with the ENB version when your game loads

All credit goes to Boris Vorontsov for making these setting available