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Quality textures for many things in Skyrim - Landscape overhaul, Farmhouses, Holds, Mountains etc... Also included is a small Mod List

Permissions and credits
I've been steadily working to replace basically all the textures in Skyrim with new ones. This is an ambitious project and will take me some time to finish.
I try my absolute best to stay lore-friendly and still keep textures the highest quality.
I'm working on including a mod list as I have had multiple people ask me to do so.
I will include in this list a few simple mods that will make a world of difference to your game.
Working on adding everything to the mod list - I am adding stuff as I go/remember
The List

-Weather and Lighting-
1. Obsidian Weathers and Seasons
2. ELFX Exteriors and Enhancer
1. Tree mod of your choice. I like to use SFO or 3D Trees
2. Enhanced landscapes and its grass addon
3. EEK's Renthal Flora Collection
- Textures/Graphics-
 Static Mesh Improvement Mod (SMIM)
 Miscellaneous Retexture Project
 Forgotten Retex Project
 Fusa Fusa Fluffy Animals
 Skyrim 2017 Textures
 Windhelm HD Retexture
 Whiterun Select HD
 HQ College of Winterhold
Rustic Cooking
 High Poly Project
 Rudy HQ - Miscellaneous SE
 Rudy HQ - Nordic Ruins SE
 ETHEREAL CLOUDS - Special Edition
 Skyrim Landscape Overhaul (run through Nif optimizer and save in CK)
 Realistic Water Two
Rustic Clothing
Rustic Standing Stones
Rustic Soulgems

-Stuff In the Works-
Landscape textures - All but snow are now finished
Cave textures
Various Holds re-textured
Dungeon textures
Water textures
bridge textures

The HD Water textures are made to be used with Realistic Water Two

For the absolute best look I suggest using an ENB. As all of my screenshots are taken with one. Not a requirement in anyway, just a suggestion.

Feel free to add screenshots of stuff

Credits to pannonian for the great mountain textures - he's no longer active I think but give him Kudos anyways.
This is his original mod here Rocks4K - I edited the textures a bit but the quality is still top notch.

This page is still under construction