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Expands Tel Mithryn into a proper settlement and adds several merchants.

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Short Description:

Inspired by Morrowind, this mod expands the Telvanni settlement of Tel Mithryn by adding 3 new Buildings, a small Farm, a Gate, and 5 new Unique NPCs including 2 Merchants. 

I stayed close to the vanilla style, adding more detail without over-cluttering or adding out of place elements. All new buildings and edited areas have been properly navmeshed and all new NPCs have daily schedules. 

Full List of Changes:

New Building: Ules Manor
This large new household is home to the aristocratic and traditional Saren Ules, his wife Lanas Ules and their Argonian servant Jei-Meena. The interior includes a traditonal Dunmer Ancestor shrine as well as a small side room for Jei-Meena. 

New Farm: 
A small/medium sized Ash Yam Farm has been added in front of Ules Manor, providing the settlement with a proper food source. During the day Jei-Meena will work on the farm while being supervised by Saren. 

New Building: Vanel Omayn's House
This small house is home to the shady Dunmer Vanel. He rarely leaves his home, although rumor has it that he is a purveyor of numerous illicit goods....

New Building: Tel Mithryn Trading Post
This small building is a general goods store with which the Telvanni settlement can procure supplies from travelers or the occasional trader from Raven Rock. 

New Gate:
A new gate made of Telvanni roots has been added to the main path to Tel Mithryn in order to provide more structure and to mark the boundary of the settlement. 

Other Additions:
*Added a small Well and supply area next to the Trading Post.
*Added multiple Telvanni-style lantern posts around the settlement. 
*Added 4 unique items: Ules Ancestral Sword, Ules Ancestral Ring, Saren's Mace, and Vanel's Dagger. 

Mods used in screenshots:
*Skyrim Re-Engaged enb
*Dolomite Weathers
*NobleSkyrim 2k

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