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Tired of being a warrior or mage? Become a Bard!

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NOTE: As of version 6.0, the MCM and the optional UI Extensions integration has been ported over to SSE/AE.  The ability to rename custom songbooks is also back, with the necessary SKYUILIB files included in this mod.  

Source code for this mod is not included in the BSA but is available on GitHub.

Tired of being a warrior or mage? Become a Bard!

- This mod lets you play all of the instrumental and voiced songs included with the game or choose from over 125 new songs added by this mod.  You can also add your own music and play it in-game.

- You can pick up and play any instrument in the game, including the war horns.

- To play a song, equip a musical ability in your spell menu. Press the shout key to use the ability.  Press the shout key again to stop playing.

- Each time you perform, your Bard Skill will increase.  See your stats in the bard journal in your inventory.

- Your follower will play along with you to any song with two parts. Some NPCs around you might applaud.  Applause becomes more enthusiastic as your skill increases. NEW: there is more information about each song in the songbooks themselves, including the song titles, number of parts, instruments required, and song length.

- You can go up to any innkeeper and tell them you would like to perform. The tips will be minimal (10-25 gold without perks), but it should be enough for a meal, and you also get a free room for the night.

- Once you earn one of the bard perks (see below), you can request to perform for a jarl. Jarls do not pay money, but if they like your performance there is a chance they will give you a gift (random enchanted item).

- If you complete the Bards College quest line, your Bard Skill is high enough (50 or higher), and you have earned one of the bard perks described below, Viarmo may have additional work for you.

- Each time you play, your Speechcraft skill will increase a tiny bit.

- The volume of your songs is adjustable in the normal Skyrim options menu under Audio. Adjust the "Player Songs" slider.

- As you perform in taverns, you can earn the following Perks:

  • Experienced Bard: Earned by performing in taverns at least 15 times. Pay from performing at taverns increases (2X base).

  • Well-Known Bard: Earned by being an Experienced Bard and performing in at least 10 different taverns. Pay from performing at taverns increases (4X base). Replaces Experienced Bard.

  • Renowned Bard: Earned by being a Well-Known Bard and having Bard Skill of at least 100. Pay from performing at taverns increases (8X base). Replaces Well-Known Bard.

(Please note these are not actual skill tree perks, as that would cause all sorts of compatibility issues.  These are buffs that are added to your character.  They work similarly to shrine blessing buffs or disease debuffs.  They should be compatible with any and every perk mod.)

- You must buy the Custom Songbook from Viarmo and read it to get your character the ability to play songs from it
- You must convert your music files into xwm format.  MultiXWM is a good tool for this.  There are others.
- Create a folder called Sound in your Data folder if it does not already exist.  The full path will be something like: "C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\Sound"
- Place your xwm files in your Sound folder and name them 1.xwm, 2.xwm, 3.xwm, 4.xwm, 5.xwm, 6.xwm, 7.xwm, 8.xwm, and 9.xwm.

- With the 5 default bards songs, such as Ragnar the Red, etc., you will have to wait until the current verse finishes before the song stops. 
- If you jump or or raise your weapon to stop playing, the sound will keep playing until it ends.
- Your character's lips will not move while you are playing.  (Unless you have other mods that can do this)

- Immersive Wenches.  You will not get the option to perform in taverns for gold.  Try loading Become a Bard last, if desired, but I have no idea what features in the other mod might break if you do.
- Ethereal Elven Overhaul: Load EEO first, then BAB.  If you load EEO last, Viarmo will not be able to sell you anything.  Everything else will work fine.
- Probably anything else that edits Viarmo or the interior of the bard college.  Viarmo will not sell you songbooks, but everything else should work fine.

Thank you to the MANY artists who gave permission to use their recordings in this mod or published their work with a Creative Commons license! If you like the music you can play using this mod, you can find more by the artists by clicking the links below. 

Jon Sayles -- I would especially like to thank Jon for his very generous permission to use tons of his work in this mod. If you have an interest in early music, you should definitely spend some time checking out his web site. 
Aislinn jamendo  
Andrew Foy youtube 
Andrea Savini jamendo  
Carlos Vargas jamendo  
Ceili Moss jamendo  
Cromanon nexus  
Franky Joe Texier jamendo  
GEM (Jeremie Hout) jamendo  
Greg Reiter jamendo  
Harry Murrell youtube 
Julien Petitjean jamendo  
Kevin Loh youtube 
Le Collectif Unifié de la Crécelle jamendo 
Lemonflower myspace or itunes  
Milagro Acustico Medina Sound jamendo 
Malukah youtube 
Ofri Eliaz jamendo 
Oursvince jamendo  
PremiumMusic jamendo  
Randy Granger youtube 
Raulin de los Bosques jamendo  
Rebonnat Mostha jamendo  
Sabrina Valenzuela youtube 
Saskia Kusrahadianti youtube or bandcamp  
Sean Gordon youtube 
Sióg Acoustic Duo jamendo 
The Taalbi Brothers youtube 
Thomas Berghan 
Ton jamendo