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Adds over 130 new clothes and armors to the common people of Skyrim.

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Common Clothes and Armors is a combined and continued version of Common Clothes and Brigandage. It features 51 new armors and 80 new clothes, created by Franklin Zunge. The clothes are worn by the common people of Skyrim: Farmers, merchants, miners, patrons, workers and some of the wealthier citizens. They can also be bought at Radiant Raiment. The armors are worn by bandits. Since all new armors cover the whole body, half-naked bandits chilling in the cold climate of Skyrim are almost completely eliminated. The armors can be improved at a workbench, but they cannot be crafted or bought.

The textures have resolution up to 2k. If that's too much for your system, an alternative version with 1k textures is also available. Many of the armors reuse vanilla assets and hence benefit from retextures such as RUSTIC CLOTHING.

Improvements over the original mod

  • All armors have correct keywords assigned. They're now properly affected by perks and tempering.
  • Distribution has been reworked from scratch. A lot of errors have been fixed such as spawning multiple armor sets on NPCs, flooding leveled lists for enchanted robes with common robes or wrong level requirements for armors. More NPCs have access to a greater variety of clothes than before. Bandits have access to all new armors. Citizens no longer wear the new armors because it often doesn't fit them.
  • Armor rating, weight and value of all items have been carefully rebalanced, taking both realism and balance into account. This adresses some rather severe imbalances such as Scrounged Dwemer Cuirass having higher base armor rating than Ebony Armor. Balance is based on WACCF, but there shouldn't be any serious inconsistencies if you don't use the mod.
  • Tempering recipes require a single material like all other tempering recipes in the base game.
  • Armors have more descriptive and consistent names. Each armor has a unique name.
  • Clothes have more descriptive and consistent names and no longer contain numbers. The names are not unique. A lot of them are simply called Common Clothes or Common Robes.
  • Instead of editing guard dialogue, the armors use SPIKE keywords. This allows guards to comment on the armors if Guard Dialogue Overhaul is installed.
  • Armors and clothes have appropriate Warmth and Coverage ratings if Frostfall or Survival Mode (Creation Club) is installed.
  • Inventory and ground models better match the actual items.
  • Some female models are swapped to better match their male counterpart.
  • Unused male mesh for Common Robes 10 has been restored.
  • Rotation of leathergrd.nif, blackrobegnd.nif, collegrobegnd.nif, greenrobegnd.nif, greyrobegnd.nif, lightbrownrobegnd.nif and mageapprobesgnd.nif has been fixed.

Load Order

Must be loaded after WACCF. Apart from that load order doesn't really matter.


The mod only edits leveled lists and outfits, as well as some clothes. No NPCs are directly edited. This makes the mod compatible with most mods.

In case another mod edits the same leveled lists or outfits, a Bashed or Smashed Patch should be used.

Bodyslide conversion is available here.

Known Issues

There are some minor issues left, that I cannot address because meshes aren't my area of expertise.

  • A few armors don't benefit from texture replacer despite seemingly using vanilla assets.
  • Some female models don't really match their male counterpart.
  • CommonClothes17, CommonClothes18 and CommonClothes19 lack a female version. They share their model with vanilla clothes.
  • CommonTunicSurcoat and LeatherClothes02 lack a female version. They share their model with two other clothes from the mod.