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VR-ized actions that let you immersively use spells, weapons, potions, poisons, shouts, powers, realistic archery and soul gems all without accessing a menu!

Permissions and credits
Version 1.11.1 update notes:
  • Quick fix for bug where trying to draw an arrow in hardcore archery when stamina has run out will play sfx indefinitely
Version 1.11 update notes:
  • Handposes will no longer activate while hands are high to avoid clashes with shoulder/potion activation
  • Fixed issue that interfered with pairing for users who have disabled the skyrim menu play area
  • Fixed bug that charged extra magicka for quick casting channeled spells
  • Corrected hardcore archery bow speed to use the formula from the UESP
  • With a small speed bonus to compensate for the time spent doing vr gestures
  • This is slower than the formerly incorrect speed formula magevr was using, adjust difficulty accordingly
  • Removed randomness from hardcore archery bow sound effect and increased volume to make it easier to use it to gauge timing
Version 1.10 update notes:
  • SkyUI MCM can now be used as a replacement for all configuration normally done via wrist menus
  • Fixed bug where handpose system can only equip an offhand spell if a mainhand spell is also being equipped
  • Changed shout configuration wrist menu to require a 3 second hold to appear (no longer auto appears when a new shout is assigned)
Version 1.9 update notes:
  • Added power activation system (see description for instructions)
Version 1.8 update notes:
  • Added handpose magic system (see description for instructions)
  • Can be used to supplement glyphs, or you can disable one or the other if you prefer only one system in MageVR.ini
Version 1.7.1 update notes:
  • Minor version update to mod, if you have the v1.7 application then only the mod needs to be updated
  • Realistic and Hardcore archery can now be selected from holster menu, no console needed
  • Holster menus can now convert holsters into fixed quick slots
  • Fixed bug where using a scroll for a master level spell causes 2-hand weapons to be unequipped
Version 1.7 update notes:
  • Shout slots now use input emulation
  • Skyrim VR window needs to be on top to receive commands
  • MageVR app may need to run as administrator in order to shout
  • All shouts now have complete audio
  • Whirlwind sprint now functions with quick shouts
  • Summon Durnheviir now refunds shout recovery if it fails due to location
  • Fixed bug that sometimes causes stray particle effects
  • Fixed bug with version checking logic
Version 1.6.2 update notes:
  • Minor version update to mod, if you have the v1.6 application then only the mod needs to be updated
  • Holsters now properly handle shields
  • Fixed bug where "smart drink" doesn't take buffs into account when deciding on potion size
Version 1.6.1 update notes:
  • Minor version update to mod, if you have the v1.6 application then only the mod needs to be updated
  • Audio tweaks to Hardcore Archery mode
  • The "ready to fire" sound cue (which didn't sound very immersive) has been removed
  • Instead a bow tension sound will play when you draw an arrow and stop when ready to fire
  • If you fire too early, the bow shot sound effect will stutter to let you know
  • You can now drink potions with your arrow hand while holding a bow if you do not have an arrow equipped (this is useful for drinking a stamina potion if you've been penalized a lot in Hardcore Archery mode)
  • You can now unequip an arrow by activating a quiver for that arrow type
Version 1.6 update notes:
  • Holsters can now be converted into arrow quivers by holding activation for 3 seconds
  • Immersive archery options
  • Activate by opening console and search for "Realistic Archery" or "Hardcore Archery" perks and adding to player
  • Realistic archery causes arrows to unequip after firing, draw a new one from your quiver
  • Hardcore archery gives an increasing stamina penalty for firing too soon after drawing an arrow, time is based on weapon fire speed
  • Bug fixes and tweaks
  • Fixed bug that sometimes doesn't give full amount of enchantment recharge
  • Confirmation window for applying poisons is now auto-accepted (skyrim vr window must be on top)
  • Fixed bug that sometimes freezes wrist menus
  • Fixed bug where re-equipped spells from holstering a weapon sometimes remembers old spells
  • Lowered glyph matching sensitivity

MuKen's Active Gesture Extension for VR

This is a combination mod and application with one goal: keep you from having to pause the game and go through menus whenever possible.  While it started out as a mage-oriented tool for spell casting by drawing glyphs, it has since expanded to a general VR-ization of many of the things you normally need to access menus to do in Skyrim.  Note that this is for immersion, not to make you more efficient; in terms of combat efficiency menus ARE the fastest thing since time is paused while you are in them.  The game will not pause while you are drawing glyphs or using your VR holsters, and your effectiveness in combat is based on how quickly and accurately you can draw!  Choose your difficulty accordingly :)


Rallyeator and Billy Pilgrim who designed the glyph graphics for the handy tutorial below and are helping improve the overall aesthetic of the mod and glyphs!

Shizof, who has been a great help with SKSE integration!

Ben Otter, whose amazing OVRLay library made the overlay integration possible!

Radu-Daniel Vatavu, Lisa Anthony, and Jacob O. Wobbrock, whose work on the $P recognizer powers the gesture recognition!

Vatavu, R.-D., Anthony, L. and Wobbrock, J.O. (2012). Gestures as point clouds: A $P recognizer for user interface prototypes. Proceedings of the ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interfaces (ICMI '12). Santa Monica, California (October 22-26, 2012). New York: ACM Press, pp. 273-280.


This mod requires SKSE for VR!  http://skse.silverlock.org/

  1. Install the MageVR mod like any other Skyrim mod.
  2. Unzip the MageVR application anywhere
  3. If you want to change buttons, edit the MageVR.ini file
  4. Important for left handed users: If you are using left-handed mode in skyrim, there is a toggle in the MageVR.ini file you need to set
  5. Start up Steam VR <-- This must be done before starting MageVR, do not rely on the Skyrim launch to start SteamVR
  6. Run the MageVR application (you will see an empty window)
  7. Wait until the application tells you it is waiting to pair, then run the SKSE loader to start Skyrim
  8. Enjoy!

Note: All following instructions assume you are using the default buttons (which were designed for Oculus touch).  You can remap the buttons in MageVR.ini, and adjust the instructions accordingly.

Usage: Glyph casting

Hold the left grip to enter "draw mode".  Two flame cursors will appear where your hands are pointing (the point direction is as if you were holding a wand and pointing it at a drawing board).  You can now draw strokes by pressing your left and right triggers.  When you release the left grip, one or both hands will equip spells according to what they have drawn.  Alternatively, hold the right grip to enter "quick cast draw mode".  Now whatever glyphs you draw will be instacast in the direction you are looking and your equips will not change.

In order to learn the glyphs, equip a spell you want to know the glyph for (there are glyphs for all base Skyrim spells, mod spells can by glyphed using the custom glyph slots).  Then hold glyph mode (i.e. hold the left grip button, assuming you haven't remapped it) for three seconds.  The glyph for that spell will appear in the air in front of you. Although there are a lot of spells, you will find that there is a sort of logic to the components of the glyphs that makes it a little easier to remember the glyphs as you learn more of them.

You may find it useful to draw that glyph right away by tracing it while it is in the air to re-equip the spell.  Glyphs always flash again when you successfully draw them, so you can repeat this tracing it a few times to learn the shape.  

Usage: Custom Glyph slots

In addition, you have access to 10 custom slots by drawing digits from 0-9 (shaped as if appearing on a digital clock).  To enter a spell into a custom slot, equip it in one of your hands, then enter quick cast draw mode (hold down right grip) and draw the slot glyph.  While still holding right grip, click your left grip and the spell will be remembered.  You can use this to glyph spells from other mods, or just for spells with complicated glyphs you want fast access to.  For example, I personally like to use low light mods to make dungeons dark, then quickslot Magelight to the "1" slot.  Now I can quickly just slash the air to send magelights around while I explore, it adds a lot of atmosphere to dungeon/cave delving.

Note: If you want to change the glyphs that are recognized by MageVR, mikecorgi has developed a tool that will let you redraw them.

Usage: Handpose magic

You can also equip and cast spells by forming poses with your controllers.  If using this system, then having Immersive Sounds installed will allow it to play sound effects on successful handposes, which will make it much easier and more immersive to use.  You can either use this together with the glyph system, or edit the buttons in MageVR.ini to block one or both systems and just use what you want.

Handpose slots are similar to glyph custom slots, except they function based on handpose sequences.  To perform a handpose sequence, hold one of the handpose activation buttons, then do a sequence of handposes while holding your hands in your center line in front of your chest.  Slots sequences include the spell set up of both hands (they are not handled individually as with the glyphs, since handposes use both hands).

To save a slot, hold the right grip, do your handpose sequence, then click the left grip (while still holding the right grip), just as with the custom glyphs.  This will save both hands' equipped spells.  To reequip them later, hold the left grip, do your handpose sequence, then release it.  To quick cast what you have in both slots, hold right grip, do your handpose sequence, then release right grip.

There are four distinct handposes:
  • '=' sign 'SAH': left hand pointing to the right and right hand pointing to the left
  • 'T' sign 'TZE': one hand pointing up, the other hand above it pointing across
  • '┴' sign 'NIH;: one hand pointing up, the other hand below it pointing across
  • 'l' sign 'JUL': both hands pointing up, one above the other

Your handpose sequence can use 1-3 poses, for a total of 4 + 16 + 64 = 84 slots.  If you are unfamiliar with pointing direction, try equipping two daggers at first, to see which way SkyrimVR considers your hands to be pointing; it will always match the direction weapons face in.  The 'up' direction is relative to the ground, not your headset, so if you are looking down at your hands, make sure you don't tilt your hands forward.

If you need to repeat a handpose in sequence, swap your hands to register a second handpose.  I.e. if you are making the '=' sign with left hand on top, do it again with right hand on top to get a second '='.

If you are attempting to transition between the '=' sign and the 'l' sign without accidentally doing one of the other signs in between, you can separate your hands from center before turning them.  You can also turn them to point forwards since this pose is not used.

Usage: Shoulder holsters/quivers/quickslots

There are three holsters over each shoulder (for a total of 6).  Think of holsters as real life sheathes, they can hold exactly one weapon at a time, and you can take that weapon out of it or put it back in.  To use one, hold your hand over that shoulder and press either trigger or grip or click the thumbstick to use the three different slots.  Whatever is equipped in that hand will go into the holster (and no longer be equipped), and whatever is in the holster will go into the hand.  Holsters can hold weapons, shields, staffs, and torches.

For example, if you have a torch in your left hand and a sword over your left shoulder trigger slot, clicking trigger while holding your hand over your left shoulder will equip the sword, and now that holster will have a torch in it.  If your hand was originally empty, that holster will now be empty and the sword will have equipped into your left hand.  Although the option to quickswap your held weapon with the one in holster is provided, most people find it less confusing to mentally associate each holster with one weapon.  Only draw from it with an empty hand, and put the weapon back in its holster (emptying your hand again) before drawing a different weapon from another holster.  Treat them like real life holsters.

Holsters consider spells to be empty hands, when you pull a weapon out it will go "on top" of your currently equipped spell, and that spell will return when you re-holster the weapon.

You can also hold down the holster activation button for 3 seconds.  This will display a wrist menu allowing you to select an arrow to convert that holster to a quiver for equipping that arrow.  The wrist menu is interacted with by pointing at it with your other hand (there will be a small cursor) and pressing the paint button (trigger by default).  Once it has been turned into a quiver, activating it will always equip an arrow of that type.  The same menu also has an option for converting it back into a holster.  This feature is useful with the Realistic/Hardcore archery options below, and also for various mods that give you special arrow types.

The same menu allows you to convert a holster into a quickslot for the weapon that is currently in it.  Quickslots are fixed, they will not change contents when used.  If you wish to later reassign it, convert it back into a holster, put in a different weapon, then convert it into a quickslot for the new weapon.

If you have SkyUI installed, you can also reconfigure all your holsters in the MCM.

Realistic/Hardcore archery

There are two optional modes to make archery more immersive.  These are also accessed from options in your holster menus.  (Note: despite being in the holster menu, they are not specific to a holster, activating an archery mode is a universal action)  This can also be configured via SkyUI MCM.

Realistic archery causes your arrow to unequip every time you fire your bow.  This is meant to be used in conjunction with the shoulder quiver so that you need to immersively draw a fresh arrow for every shot.

Hardcore archery uses stamina penalties to force you to wait for a certain period after drawing an arrow before firing it.  The amount of delay is equal to the delay dictated by the firing speed of the weapon in vanilla Skyrim (Quick Shot perk is respected).  Note that since the animation for nocking an arrow is replaced by your vr action, it is still possible to fire faster than the vanilla Skyrim speed.  A bow tension sound effect will start as soon as you draw an arrow and stop to let you know when it is ok to fire.

Firing faster than this limitation gives you a stamina penalty.  The stamina penalty increases based on how much faster you are firing, and also how much stamina you are already missing (so as you continue to fast fire, your stamina depletes faster and faster).  If your stamina gets too low, you will no longer be able to draw fresh arrows.

Usage: Potion drinking

Clicking trigger over your mouth will quaff a potion.  This can only be done with a hand that is not currently holding a weapon or object, so holster your weapon if you have one equipped.  Having spells equipped is ok.  You can also do this with your arrow hand if you are holding a bow and do not have an arrow equipped.

Use your left hand to drink a health potion (or eat food).  Use your right hand to drink a magicka or stamina potion; it will choose based on which meter is missing more.  If you do this while in combat, it will pick the one that is closest to the amount you are missing.  If you do this out of combat, it will pick the smallest one you have.

Alternatively, hold grip or thumbstick over your mouth until you hear a sound.  A menu will appear over that hand, allowing you to select a potion to slot to that button.  Clicking that button on that hand over your mouth will now drink the slotted potion.  Between your two hands, this allows you to slot 4 custom potions in addition to the "smart drink" potion.  These can also be configured via SkyUI MCM.

Usage: Poisons, scrolls, and recharge

You also have four slots divided between your two wrists, accessible by clicking with grip or thumbstick with your other hand.  For example, move your right hand to your left wrist and click grip to activate a slot.  Similarly to the potions, holding the button for a bit will cause a menu to appear where you can assign a poison or scroll to the slot.  Scrolls used from slots will instacast.  These can also be configured via SkyUI MCM.

Note: Skyrim always pops a confirmation window when using a poison.  If you leave the Skyrim VR window on top, then MageVR will automatically accept this confirmation for you by sending a keystroke.

This can also be used to slot two recharge functions (requires  the GIST mod to be installed and loaded before MageVR).  The "smallest recharge" function will use the smallest completely filled soul gem you have on the hand whose wrist you slotted it.  If that hand is not holding a rechargable weapon, it will attempt to charge the weapon in the other hand.  The "targeted recharge" function will use the largest soul that doesn't waste any charge.

Usage: Shouts

You also have six slots between your two hands, accessible by clicking trigger, grip or thumbstick while thrusting both hands down and back and your head forward.  Doing this while a shout is equipped will unequip that shout and put it into the slot.  Doing this while no shout is equipped will execute the shout you slotted.  Holding one of your shout activatinos for three seconds will summon a wrist menu that can be used to change the number of words of power used.  This can also be configured via SkyUI MCM.

Note:  This functions by sending a keystroke to SkyrimVR from MageVR application; your MageVR application may need to be run as Administrator for this to work, depending on how your SkyrimVR is running.  It also requires the SkyrimVR window to be on top.

Usage: Powers

Powers are activated with the same six buttons you mapped for shouts, but with a different gesture (and stored in another 6 slots as well).  The power activation motion is to cross your arms over your chest and hold one of the six shout buttons (hold this for a brief period, 1/10 a second is sufficient), then continuing to hold the button, swing your hands back to your hips uncrossed.

Just as with the shouts, doing this while a power is equipped will unequip it and assign it to the slot you have activated.  Doing it while no power is equipped will activate the power you have slotted.

As with shouts, this requires the SkyrimVR window to be on top.

Previous updates

Version 1.5 update notes:
  • Recharge equipped weapons
  • Only works if you have GIST installed (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/15755) and MageVR loads after it
  • Does not currently use Azura's Star or Black Star
  • There are two options added to your wrist slots when slotting them
  • "Smallest recharge" attempts to use the smallest completely filled soul gem
  • "Targeted recharge" attempts to use the largest soul that won't waste any charge
  • Slot shouts
  • Lean your head forward and throw both hands down and back, then click any of your three configurable shout buttons
  • 2 hands, 3 buttons = 6 slottable shouts
  • Doing this while a shout is equipped will unequip the shout and put it into your shout slot, and allow you to select # words of power
  • Doing this while no shout is equipped will use your slotted shout
Version 1.4 update notes:
  • Added custom potion slots
  • Trigger over mouth still activates "smart drink"
  • Grip and thumbstick buttons drink a slotted potion, hold over mouth to assign a new potion
  • Added wrist slots for poison and scrolls
  • Click grip or thumbstick on one hand's wrist with other hand to activate slot
  • Hold button to assign a new poison / scroll
Version 1.3 update notes:
  • waiting in draw mode for 3 seconds will now flash glyphs of equipped spells so you can view them in game (try tracing them a few times in the air to learn the motions)
  • fixed bug that causes equips to mix up when swapping between 1-hand and 2-hand weapons in holsters
  • spells you had equipped before drawing a holstered weapon will now consistently reequip after putting it back in holster
  • communication channel between mod and app improved for speed and consistency
Version 1.2 update notes:
  • quick cast now supports channeled and location spells (including summons)
  • channeled spells cast for a brief flash
  • if location spells are attempted at an invalid location, you will still pay spell cost
  • fixed bug where torch doesn't unequip when holstered
  • fixed pairing bug for users who disabled opening playroom 
Version 1.1 update notes:
  • replaced keystroke communication with skse plugin connection
  • reduces interference with other mods with external apps
  • increases speed of holsters, you can now more rapidly swap gear around them
  • greatly increases speed of potion drinking
  • skyrim no longer needs window focus
  • skyrim and magevr no longer need to be run with same user level
  • magevr now needs to pair with skyrim (start magevr first, wait for pairing message, then start skyrim)
  • stay tuned, this opens the door to a lot of other improvements
  • mod script altered to minimize conflicts with other mods
  • if you have an existing save, you will need to reslot your holsters and custom glyphs
  • shouldn't be any other save issues, but if there are, use Fallrim to delete all old data related to MageVR
  • added 2 more shoulder holsters using thumbstick depress for a total of 6 (configurable in ini)
  • increased flexibility of ini file options for remapping buttons
  • fixed bug where placing a two handed weapon into empty holster may not unequip it
Version 1.0 official release updates:
  • added 2 holsters per shoulder
  • inspired by vr quickslots, by WeirdWizardDave
  • behaves slightly differently; you place a weapon into them, losing them from your hand, and similarly take them out, emptying the holster
  • intelligent, immersive potion drinking
  • activate by holding an empty hand to mouth and pressing trigger (ok to have a spell equipped)
  • left hand for health, right hand for magicka/stamina (whichever is currently hurt more)
  • in combat will choose the potion size closest to what you need
  • out of combat will choose the smallest one
  • takes a bit of time, dependent on how cluttered your inventory is (so can't be spammed)
  • added sound fx for glyph failures and quick casting
  • bug fixes and tweaks
  • quick cast no longer randomly double casts
  • quick casting no longer unequips weapons
Version 0.4 update:
  • "lava sausage" graphics replaced with arcane flames
  • registered glyphs appear briefly after being drawn to help you learn
  • glyph recognition improvements
  • glyph reference pics added to help learn combined symbols (see files section)
Version 0.3 update:
  • increased smoothing to hide shaky hands from gesture recognizer
  • cloak, project, trap, widen symbols changed to dashes; engine was confusing other modifiers with them
  • reanimate corpse changed to death, summon, enhance (was death, summon, boost); engine does not like overlaying summon with boost
  • revenant changed to death, summon, empower (was death, summon, enhance)
  • ice symbol spiral shortened to make it easier to draw
  • armor symbol changed to 'X', previous symbol was conflicted with too many others
Version 0.2 update:  
  • fixed occasional loss of tracking in one hand
  • added MageVR.ini that allows button configuration and hand swapping for left-handed users
  • starting a glyph now unequips that hand (to prevent casting while drawing)
  • this feature does NOT activate when using quick cast mode, which also means quick cast mode is the only way to assign custom slots
  • glyph improvement
  • used more accurate method for glyph matching
  • "slot" glyph numbers now look like digital clock numbers; the engine had some difficulty reading some of the previous ones
  • soul trap is now "life, trap" instead of "life, reject"
  • cloak, project, trap, widen symbols changed to double lines; engine had trouble with these too
  • added quick cast [EXPERIMENTAL]