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Removes Immersive Speechraft's helmet restrictions to increase compatibility with other mods (such as Complete Crafting Overhaul's set circlets). Can be used alone to simply remove the restriction if you find the helmet restriction un-immersive (I know I do).

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This is a simple patch that can be loaded after the wonderful Immersive Speechcraft SE to remove the restriction on talking to people if you're wearing a helmet. For many people this was actually un-immersive and requiring you to repeatedly open and close your inventory menu (or assign a helmet hotkey) was jarring. It also served as a compatibility issue if you're using circlet helmets (such as those from the wonderful Complete Crafting Overhaul Remastered).
Patch was created in xEdit and simply removes the conditions preventing helmets. Nothing else about the mod was changed. Of course you need the original mod for it to work. Please endorse the original if you haven't before endorsing this one.


Simply load this ESP after Immersive Speechcraft SE in your load order. The default file is flagged as an ESL so it shouldn't take up space in your load order. If for some reason you want a regular ESP, that is also provided as an optional download.

It should be compatible with everything that Immersive Speechcraft SE is and then some.