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Craftable, unenchanted items from the game, added in a clutter-free, balanced, and lore-friendly way. Great for variety.

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~ Description ~
This adds a whole bunch of unenchanted clothes, armor, and weapons to the crafting menu (under new CLOTHING tag) at the TANNING RACK - NOT FORGE, as well as a few select items to the forge and staff enchanter.

Please note that most of the really cool looking, unique items will NOT show up in the crafting menu until you have FINISHED the quest that either rewards you with that item, or if it's not a reward, a relavent quest. For example, you must finish the Civil War to make General Tullius' Armor, join the TG and DB to make their armours, start a HF house to make a wooden sword.

Includes the unenchanted staffs from dragonborn, they may be crafted from the staff enchanter in Tel Mithryn.

Also adds the woodcutter's axe and pickaxe to the iron crafting menu at the forge, and ash weapons. All weapons can be improved with the relavent perks.

I can't put a full list of clothes added here due to the 2500 character limit. It adds well over 80 craftable options.


In order to get a CLOTHING submenu at the tanning rack I had to usurp the Studded category which only studded armour was in. The Studded armour is now under IRON.

Therefore, anything which uses the STUDDED category will have issues with this mod.

Some of these items are not marked as "playable" in the vanilla game. Because of that, they may have clipping issues etc. There is nothing I can do about that. The Thalmor hood for example has the wrong world art and looks dodgy on some armours, but it's far too cool not to include!


> Depending how much time I have, I may add more clothes, although I don't want it to become too cluttered by having every clothing item here, so I will only add a few more.

> This mod started as something just for my own use, and only a few clothes, and it's grown a lot! Armor and weapons are being added a bit at a time in updates.

Akaviri katanaComplete Alduin's Wall + steel perk
Archmage GearBecome Archmage
Ash spawn weaponsFinish March of the Dead + steel perk
Barkeep outfit
beggar clotheshave <1000 gold
Blacksmith x2            -
Blade of Woe            Complete Hail Sithis + steel perk
Blade of Ysgramor        Complete Glory of the Dead + steel perk
Blindfold            -
Bloodskal blade            Complete quest + Arcane perk
Bone crown (jagged crown)    Retrieved the jagged crown for either side
chef clothes            -
chef hat            finish To Kill an Empire
College hood x3            -
College robes x4        -
Cultist robes            Arrive on Solsthiem
Dark elf outfit x3        Arrive on Solsthiem
Dawnbreaker            Complete Dawnbreaker quest + arcane perk
Dawnguard heavy (full set)    Member of Dawnguard faction + Dwarven perk
Dawnguard light (full set)    Member of Dawnguard faction + Elven perk
DB clothes            Member of Dark Brotherhood faction
DB Shrouded armor (full set)    Member of Dark Brotherhood faction
Ebony Blade            Complete quest + ebony perk
Ebony Mail            Completed ebony mail quest + ebony perk
Ebony Mail light (glass specs)    Completed ebony mail quest + ebony perk
Emperor's clothes        have >10000 gold
Executioner axe            -
Executioner gear (set)        -
Falmer (ivory) crown        Complete Touching the Sky
Falx' hammer            Complete March of the Dead + steel perk
Farm hat            -
Fine clothes x4            -
Focus gloves            Member of College
Forsworn (full set)        Escape Cidna mine
General Tullius' cuirass    Finish civil war (either side)
Greybeard (set)            Recieve the Gerybeard's blessing
Hircine's Ring            Complete Ill Met By Moonlight
Hold guard shields (all)    Unlock 1 at a time as you become thane
Hood x7                -
Imperial great helm        Steel perk
Jarl clothes x3            -
Jester (set)            Meet Cicero
Kagrumez Black Fate Bow        Complete quest + Dwarven perk
Mace of Molag Bal        Complete quest House of Horrors + steel perk
Mehrunes Razor            Complete quest + arcane perk
Merchant (set x2)        -
Miner boots            -
Miner clothes x2        Have a pickaxe in your inventory
Miraak                Finish Dragonborn main quest
Monk robes x4            -
Moth priest sandals        -
Mourner cloths + hat        have murdered at least 1 person
Mythic dawn (set)        Finished Mehrunes Razor quest
Necromancer robes        -
Nightingale (full set)        Gain original
Nightingale blade         Gain original
Nocturnal robes + hat        -
Penitus Oculatus cuirass    Complete Breaching Security + steel perk
Pickaxe                -
Psijic (set)            Meet Psijic monk
Redguard (set)            Meet the redguards in Whiterun
Redguard dark (set)        Member of Dark Brotherhood
Savior's Hide            Gain original
Scimitar            Complete In My Time of Need + steel perk
Sheogorath outfit        Finish the Mind of Madness
Silver swords            Member of Companions + Arcane perk
Skaal set            Aid the Skaal
Skyforge weapons (all)        Skyforge smithing bonus + steel perk (only at Skyforge)
Sons of Talos (full set)    Finish civil war (either side)
Spellbreaker            Complete quest + dwarven perk
Targe of the Blooded        Get the elder scroll (main quest)
Telvanni Robes            Arrive on Solsthiem
Temple priest robes+hat        Arrive on Solsthiem
Thalmor (set)            Be level 5 or higher
Thieves guild (full set)    Member of Thieves Guild faction
Tsun's armor            Complete main quest
Ulfic's boots            Be level 5 or higher
Unenchanted staffs        - (at staff enchanter)
Vaermina robes            -
Volendrung            Complete quest + ebony perk
Wedding dress            Start marriage quest OR complete Bound Until Death
Wedding sandals+wreath        -
Wench clothing            -
Wolf Armor (full set)        Complete Blood's Honor
Woodcutter axe            -
Wooden sword            build a house