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Campfire, Frostfall and Papyrusutil Fixes for SE is not a mod but a fixing workaround for these three mods in order to make them work together correctly without errors or flaws in certain functions. I decided to create this mod guide because the existing workarounds or "corrected" installation instructions didn't work for me and some other people.

Permissions and credits

I started to use Campfire and Frostfall on my new playthrough but I started to have lots of different problems after a while, such as errors with wearable lanterns and lack of correct warmth and cover indicators. The cause of such problems is still somewhat unknown among the modders and players but we think it has something to do with wrong installation pathways, corrupted saves, lack of mods and bad mod overwrites. My idea was to create a detailed modding instruction for those who like these mods but have some problems with them, so my solution was to create a corrected workaround by using workfolders. I will keep this mod instruction updated until mod authors find and create a better solution or manage to create some kind of fix. I already talked with people who tried my instructions and they say it worked flawlessly.

What it does and why it works:

You will create a workaround folder which will be archived as a mod which can be installed as a normal mod on your mod manager. We shall use files from the original mods which will be installed from their original mod pages so this modding guide won't include any files.

As to why this installation path works better than the others? The answer is quite simple, you are installing the correct mods in correct installation order and with correct files. The reason why many people struggle with the normal way is because they either install things in incorrect way or their mods overwrite wrong files braking some in-game functions.

Pros and cons:

+ It is easy.
+ It is rather quick.
+ Very good chance to work on the first try.
+ No mod orders needed on mod managers (remember mod order isn't the same as plugin order which are esms and esps, generally Campfire.esm goes above all else, Frostfall.esp below it and an optional esp Frostfall_Seasonal_Temps_patch.esp goes below Frostfall.esp).

- The whole process needs to be done again after some of the mods gets updated.
- Changing files and mod orders is harder because every file exists within one mod.

Original mod location:

1. Campfire - Complete Camping System
Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival
3. PapyrusUtil SE - Modders Scripting Utility Functions
4. Campfire and Frostfall - Unofficial SSE Update
5. Frostfall - Seasons (optional mod, not necessary)

Installation instruction:

1. Remove these mods from your game/mod manager; Campfire, Frostfall and any unofficial Frostfall and Campfire fixes you might have installed.
2. Open Skyrim SE and go to your existing save file.
3. Hard save your game.
4. Download those four mods mentioned on my [Original mod location] section and make sure to download the latest versions, remember not to install any of these mods to your Skyrim SE yet!
5. After you have downloaded the mods (which come either as .zip or .rar file) put the archives to your desktop.
6. Create an empty workfolder to your desktop (right click -> new -> folder) and rename it as Campfire and Frostfall Fixed.
7. Copy and paste all files from your downloaded Campfire archive to your empty workfolder.
8. Copy and paste all files from your downloaded Frostfall archive to your workfolder (if it asks you to overwrite something say yes).
9. Copy and paste the "SKSE" folder from your Papyrusutil archive to your work folder, it will ask you to overwrite papyrusutil.dll, do it. Remember do not copy and
paste any other file from the archive!
10. Copy and paste all files from Campfire and Frostfall - Unofficial SSE Update archive to your work folder, it will ask you to overwrite files, say yes again.
(10.5). This is optional: copy and paste all files from Frostfall Seasons mod archive to your workfolder, let it overwrite other files if necessary. (Thanks to Sthaagg for reminding us!)
11. Create an archive of your complete workfolder by using zip or rar software (right click on folder -> winrar/zip -> add to archive). 
12. Go to your mod manager and install this previously created archive as a normal mod (make sure campfire.esm is above frostfall.esp)!
13. Open Skyrim SE and it should install Campfire and Frostfall correctly with working MCM menu, indicator and without errors!