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Once you own a property in either Whiterun, Riften, Windhelm or Solitude you will be able to purchase your own Merchant Stand. As your Merchant Skill increases you will be able to sell more valuable items, specialise the Market Stand and even setup trades!

Permissions and credits
Adura’s Merchant Mod v0.4: Original File

I have ported this with the consent given on Adura's Merchant Mod FAQs!

which states:

Q:  Can I make my own version and/or make a copy for myself on Skyrim SE?
A:  Sure, knock yourself out!  You may post a public version, so long as you credit me for the original version and note that yours is an adaptation in the description.

The files I have used for the Port are from Sku11M0nkey's Breezehome Fully Upgradeable

I used Sku11M0nkey's file due to it relocating the Whiterun Stand and therefore making it more compatible with more Mods that make changes to Breezehome.

All I have done is:

Extract/recompile the .bsa, Form 44'd the .esp, Sorted the Masters, checked that there aren't any Dirty Edits & re-compressed to .7z I have also added an additional download for meshes omitted from the original mod.

I have also changed the weights of the NPC's introduced by the mod to 35 (I have not touched Housecarls weights**).
I have done this to stop the black face bug that I always experienced with this mod, no matter where it was in my load order.
If someone can tell me why I shouldn't do this then I am all ears...

So far I have only purchased the Whiterun stand, I failed in getting Lydia to attend it (as expected**) however the hireling attended the stand without issue, and sales & income have been made & received.; So afaik everything seems to be WAI - quirks and all, I will continue to to test and update accordingly.

Apparently this mod is incompatible with the following:

Open Cities
JK's Skyrim
Drinking Fountains of Skyrim
Live Another Life: If you choose to start owning a property in a hold then the option to purchase a stand isn't available; not sure if some other requirements need to be met to unlock the purchase afterwards...

Original Mod Description:

Do you ever get tired of running out of merchants to sell your items to? Have you ever wanted to open up a shop or merchant stand within the wide world of Skyrim? Are you dissatisfied with the in-game spouse shops?

Well then, you've come to the right place!

Buy and run your own stand. Sell your own items and set up a wondrous display. Become the shop owner and merchant you've always wanted to be.


Okay so what does this mod actually do...

This mod allows you to buy a total of 4 Market Stands which are located in Whiterun, Solitude, Riften & Windhelm.

You MUST own a property in the city before you can purchase a stand.

Once you own a property speak* to the "Master of Commerce"? located in the Jarl's Residence to buy your stand.

Once purchased, your stand is added to the game:
Whiterun - outside Breezehome
Solitude - outside of the Bard's College
Riften - Market area (Brynjolf's stand)
Windhelm - outside Hjerim

At the stand you will find a chest where you place items to be sold, a lock-box where your takings are placed, a ledger, a skill book (Speech) and a chair.

To start selling you have 1 of 4 options.
1. Attend the stand yourself
2. Hire someone to attend the stand - NPC located in the nearest tavern
3. Have your Housecarl attend the stand**
4. Have your Spouse attend the stand**

Your stall will be attended between 09:00-21:00, items sold are not transferred to any NPC (no save bloat) the item is simply converted into Septims.

Initially you start with being able to sell items to a max value of 200 Septims - as your Merchant Skill increases so does the max value of items that you are eligible to sell.

You can use your Ledger to see what you current max value is at any time.

Once your Merchant Skill increases enough you will also be able to specialise (yes it's an "s", I'm English) your stall (for a fee) - done via the ledger

and finally once your Merchant Skill has increased enough again you will be able to set up trades - done via the ledger

Known "issues"

I will likely not respond to anyone listing bugs that occurred from the original mod, or that have been detailed here or on Adura's FAQs!

*The "dialogue" implemented by this mod is silent, so when interacting with the NPC's only text will appear; you need to have Dialogue Subtitles on.
I also recommend using shadeMe's Fuz Ro D-Oh - Silent Voice Mod

**If you use mods that make changes to your Housecarls in any way (even just cosmetic ones) you may experience issues with getting them to attend the stand - refer to the FAQs!
I've always found it much easier to just hire the NPC to run the stand for me...
I have managed to get Housecarls to run the stand but it always seemed a bit like peeing in the wind... In Oldrim I used iAFT, MHIYH, RDO & Bijin's Warmaidens and probably some others which all had an impact on Housecarls.

Even though the Author states placing this mod after anything that changes Housecarls appearance, I always have to place it before due to the black face bug.

***Stolen merchandise will have it's flag removed when placed in the chest; even if the item is returned to your inventory due to the value of the item being higher than what you are eligible to sell.


I am not a modder, it is doubtful that I will be making any other changes, improvements or bug fixes... (unless people are experiencing issues directly related to this port). This may change as time goes on however as I haven't even really started my first play-through of SE yet!
That said, if anyone wants to pick up the reins then feel free to do so; just credit Adura as the original author.