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Current List of Mods that I have successfully Ported to SE:


If you are interested in any of the following ports, let me know and I will look into the permissions; I will give 60 days for original mod author/s to respond before looking at it again.


Adura's Merchant Mod - Relocated {Available on Nexus}

Agent of Righteous Might [Currently testing will upload when done. Permission granted on original mod page]

All Female Guards - Skimpy Edition

aMidianBorn Skyforge & Wolf Armor: Grey

Atlas Map Markers Legendary for SkyUI, MCM & Compass Tweaks [No Search/MCM function on available SSE Version]

Arcane Craftworks - Summon Crafting Menu [Requested permission to Port 25/09/18]

Auto Unequip Ammo [Not a fan of the SSE Version] - [Requested permission to Port 25/09/18]

Bandolier's For NPC's + Cloaks [Not a fan of the SSE Version]

Become A Vampire - Anytime

Better Falskaar & Wymstooth Map with Roads

Brows + Ningheim Race Addon

CBBE - Sporty Athletic Muscle Map

Complete Crafting Overhall Remade + additional recipes, fletching doesn't require perks

cMK Custom Storage Spells {Available on Nexus}

Convenient Horses [Not a fan of the SSE Version]

Craftable Perk Potions [Requested permission to Port 22/12/18]

Deadly Dragons + Script Fix [Sent files to RedShift for evaluation 27/11/18, contacted Nexus re File moderation; permission to upload denied]

Ebony Mail - No Effects

Elemental Fury Fix (Nerfed)

Erandur Redone [Requested permission to Port 25/09/18]

Extended UI

EzE's Artifact Disenchanting + Silver Pricing Fix

Feed The Animals [Requested permission to Port 28/11/18]

Fight Against The Thalmor I - Adal Matar [Port only by express permission] [Guide to port posted on mod page]

Fight Against The Thalmor II - The Frontier To Cyrodiil + CTD Fix [Port only by express permission]

Fight Against The Thalmor III - The Aldmeri Domain [Port only by express permission]

Fight Against The Thalmor IV - South Dragon Bridge [Port only by express permission]

Foot Gap CBBE Fix

Friend or Enemy [Requested permission to Port 25/09/18]

Friendly Guard Helmets (High Res)

Griptzion Teleport Menu Spell

Hentai's Dark Lilith Armour CBBE

Horses Revamped - Animations [Requested permission to Port 20/12/18]

Hunterborn [No MCM in SSE Version, requires additional "Mod"]

Jaxonz Archery Util [Requested permission to Port 25/09/18]

Jaxonz MCM Kicker

Jaxonz Smart Looter + Fixes

Know-it-all Trainers I have removed the majority of the selected NPC's from being master trainers

Light Armor Hoods Pack

Locational Damage [Requested permission to Port 25/09/18]

LOTD Airship & Archaeology Patches

LOTD Imperial & Leather Armour Display

Low Weight Hand Wrist Gap Fix

Mannequin Body Replacers - Lisette

More Interesting Loot for Skyrim + Cloaks

More Silver Weapons

Multiple Marriages, Dressup, Re-housing & More [SSE Version on Nexus is nearly 2x the size of original, while claiming to be an as-is Port]

Outfit Changer

Paralysis, Disarm and Knockdown Enchantments [Another port available on Nexus]

Pretty Sit Idles

PS Universal Body Changer + Texture Pack

Puffs Stewards for all Houses

Sea of Ghosts

SkyJub's Invisible Helmets

SkyTweak + Grimy Plugin

Soul Gem Fusion + additional recipes - "N" Word [Requested permission to Port 11/11/18]

Spell Tome Unlock

Stray Dog Fix {Available on Nexus}

Summerset Isle [Currently Testing]

The Coenaculi - Racemenu Plugin for Tattoos

The Huntsman + Fixes [Not a fan of the SSE Version]

The Ningheim Race + Followers

The Skeleton Key

Unarmed Warfare [Requested permission to Port 20/12/18]

Unblock - The Activation Fix

Widowmaker - Racemenu Preset

Xtended Loot + Add-ons

Wearable Lanterns + SMIM & SE Patches [No MCM in SSE Version]














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