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Adura’s Merchant Mod: Original File: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=116775764

1) General Questions
2) Troubleshooting/Problems/Help
3) Information that may be useful (Guide)

General questions:

Q: Can I make my own version and/or make a copy for myself on Skyrim SE?
A: Sure, knock yourself out! You may post a public version, so long as you credit me for the original version and note that yours is an adaptation in the description.

Q: Can you make a copy of your mod for Skyrim SE?
A: Wish I could. =/ The resources I had for this mod (including multiple scripts) were lost when my last computer died a few years ago. I could probably replicate the scripts, but my life is busy and I don’t have time to dedicate to it. I’ve also moved onto other things for my hobbies. Sorry if it disappoints anyone, but that’s just how it is.

Q: Are you going to load this mod to the nexus?
A: Nope. But Breezehome Fully Upgradeable has a modified version on the Nexus. :)

Q: Can you make a ___ mod next? Or add ____ feature to this one?
A: I enjoy hearing all of your ideas! ^_^ However, I only mod to bring something I really like to my own games. And sometimes I post them for other people to enjoy as well.


Q: How do I download the mod?
A: Hit subscribe, open the Skyrim Launcher (the screen before playing), wait until all downloads are successful. You’re done :D Enjoy ^_~

Q: My housecarl won't attend my stand D:
A: Here are my suggestions:

- Make sure this mod is last on your load list. Or, at the very least, after mods that change the appearance of anyone you want to attend the stand. [See Blix’s comment below, it may be helpful ^_~.]
- You must select the option from her dialogue :P If you haven't, then do so ^^
- Make sure she is not following you. Her following behavior supersedes her duties in attending the stand.
- She will only attend the stand from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. At any other time she will be sandboxing as normal ^_^
- Wait awhile, sometimes she's slow and silly. >_<

If none of these work, then try a this solution, suggested by Xiianil (for those using AFT):
1. Select "watch my stand".
2. Bring housecarl to said stand.
3. Wait for them to sit in the chair.
4. Talk to them (at this point they will stand up) go to "tweak options" then "actions" and select "dismiss but hang out here".
5. watch your slave tend your shop for eternity.
[Confirmed to work for Lydia, Iona and Jordis so far ^^
For best results with Jordis: “Having Jordis stand between the two chairs seems to be the most successful. If you are having trouble getting her there, place her on the other side of the stand between the two chairs before trying the workaround. The latter method for some reason yields diminished results, but is much easier to perform.”]

Another possible fix from Chilibopper:
1) Save outside the house before you enter the first time, in case it bugs
2) remove your housecarl as follower if they are following you.
3) wait however many hours until it is 8am, but at least 1 hour if you dismissed your follower.
4) talk to your housecarl and tell them to attend to the merchant stand.
5) wait 1 hour. They should be outside and attending the stand. Hope it works for you!

A comment on load orders, from Blix ^_^:
“I thought I'd share that while BOSS is nice, it isn't infallible; I had used Skyrim NPC Editor to merely give Iona (the Riften housecarl who was working the stand) a nice, utilitarian ponytail. This required i use a .esp for her, which BOSS had loaded after your mod. As soon as I moved it above, she got up in the morning and went to the market like clockwork. I didn't need to talk to her, mess with AFT, anything. It just.. worked. I hope this helps.”

Q: One of the NPCs won't talk to me ; ;
A: There is currently no voices in this mod. The dialogue can be seen by enabling subtitles. If there is still no dialogue, you may have luck with saving in front of the npc, exiting the game, then loading it back up and trying again ^_~.

You may also try the following:
- Exit the area and come back. Sometimes this helps. ^^
- Save in front of them, exit the game, reload and try again.

It has also been suggested that some may have accidentally purchased the stands (perhaps with subtitles off?) and don’t realize it. O_o In which case the purchase dialogue will not trigger (you already have the stand! XD). If so, check the Guide section for locations of the stands.

Should none of this work, then I don't know how to help you =/.

Q: Where are the npcs that buy my stuff? >:O
A: As mentioned previously in the description, this is not currently implemented. It is on the to-do list.

Q: Why won't the items in my stand inventory pop up on my stand? O_o
A: This is not something the mod can do...although the idea of getting it to do so intrigues me. Anyway, you are free to manually decorate the stand as you like. You may set up some preset layouts (a few shown in the images above) once you get to a Merchant level of 25+.

Q: I want stands in more places :D :D. Particularly near the Hearthfire homes ^_^.
A: I intend to add more shops, though not a current priority. I recently got Hearthfire (tyvm Bizzquick ^_~), so they may come in time :D. Just know that additional shops take a fair bit of effort to add at this point, and there are other things I want to work on first.

Q: I own the property, but the NPC says I don't. Help me!? D:
A: The NPCs use the same flags as spouses do for ownership...except Hjerim, which checks to see if you have the key in your inventory ^_^. So you better have that key for the Windhelm Commerce Master :o

Q: When I put an enchanted item in my inventory and it gets sent back to me, it loses it’s enchantments! D: Why?!
A: It’s a known issue, so please don’t post about it in the comments. It has to do with how the Creation Kit handles giving the player items. I’m considering ways of bypassing this, but I don’t like any of them >_<. If any scripters know of a nice way of fixing this, please tell me ^_~.

Q: There’s trees in my Whiterun stand and a table in the way at Windhelm. Can you get rid of them?!
A: Those are from another mod named Towns and Villages Enhanced. I don’t know how to get rid of them, as my mod cannot access the information from other mods. You may, however, try this:
- Save your game, in case you effect the wrong thing.
- Open the console by hitting the ~ key.
- Click on the object in question (note, the trees may need to be clicked rather high.)
- type “disable” without the quotation marks. This will make the item disappear :D

If any modders know how I could accomplish this in my own mod, I would greatly appreciate any help ^^

Information that may be useful (Guide):

Q: How much will my items sell for? :o
A: It depends on your merchant skill. The gold earned varies from 50-100%, and increases linearly with your merchant skill level.

Q: When do my items sell, and how will I know?
A: Items sell every in game hour. Check your strongbox safe to see if you made any money ^_^.

Q: There’s a limit to how much i can store in my inventory, why is that? ; ;
A: It’s unrealistic to be able to horde a city’s worth of treasures in your stand >_<. As such, I put a limit on how much it can register to sell. I may alter the limit.

Q: There’s also a limit on the price of items I can sell!? >:O How could you? D:
A: I did...and I didn’t :P. You are limited in what you can sell based on your merchant skill, which progresses roughly from 200 at lvl 0, to 1000-2000 at level 75. Once you reach level 75+, you may sell anything. The ledger may be able to tell you what your current limit is ^_^.

Q: How much can I make?
A: The amount of gold you can earn per hour is dependant on your merchant skill. Basically, your stand will sell items until it has reached or exceeded a gold limit. This limit increases linearly from 200-2000. The gold you get fluctuates based on what items were sold and the limit may be exceeded by any individual item. For instance, at a limit of 2000 gold it is possible to, say, sell 1999 gold worth of goods, and then sell an item worth 5000 gold as the last one. This would net you 6999 gold for the hour. ^_~

Q: Kk, I purchased the stand ^_^. Now where is it? >_>
A: Whiterun: Right next to Breezehome. You can’t miss it :P
Windhelm: Face the door to Hjerim...turn left...there you go XD
Solitude: Between Proudspire Manor and the Bard’s college.
Riften: Where Brynjolf’s stand used to be. [If you have not started the Thieve’s guild quest and find him annoying, he may be enabled/disabled through the ledger.]

Q: Where can I find my merchant skill level? O_o
A: The ledger ^_~.

Q: Who can attend the stand? :o
A: You, the Housecarl from that town, your spouse or a hired Shopkeeper ^^. Note that mods which alter the Housecarls will likely cause compatibility issues. See the troubleshooting section for help. I am working on a fix that changes how the AI packages are handled. I hope it will prove to be much more compatible (This fix would not work for the housecarls of Windhelm, Solitude or Riften.)

Q: How do I purchase a stand?
A: Talk to the new NPC in the Jarl’s place. You must have the key to that town’s player home and the correct amount of gold to buy it.
Prices are as follows:
Whiterun: 1,000g.
Riften: 1,500g.
Windhelm: 3,000g.
Solitude: 10,000g.


The File I have used for this Port is from Sku11M0nkey's Breezehome Fully Upgradeable: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11158?tab=description

I used Sku11M0nkey's file due to it relocating the Whiterun Stand and therefore making it more compatable with more mods that make changes to Breezehome.

*Disclaimer* I am not a modder, it is doubtful that I will be making any other changes, improvements or bug fixes... this may change as time goes on however as I haven't even really started my first playthrough of SE yet!
If anyone wants to pick up the reins then feel free to do so; just credit Adura as the original author.

All I have done is:

Extract/recompile the .bsa, Form 44'd the .esp, Sorted the Masters, checked that there aren't any Dirty Edits & recompressed to .7z

I have also changed the weights of the NPC's introduced by the mod to 35 (I have not touched Housecarls weights).
I have done this to stop the black face bug that I always experienced with this mod, no matter where it was in my load order.
If someone can tell me why I shouldn't do this then I am all ears...

If you use mods that make changes to your Housecarls in any way (even just cosmetic ones) you may experience issues with getting them to attend the stand - see above FAQ's
I've always found it much easier to just hire the NPC to run the stand for me...
I have managed to get Housecarls to run the stand but it always seemed a bit like peeing in the wind... In Oldrim I used iAFT, MHIYH, RDO & Bijin's Warmaidens and probably some others which all had an impact on Housecarls.