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This is a simple port of the awesome Peacekeeper armour mod from Oldrim to SSE.

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This is a port of a female-only mod. It is compatible with any body type because it covers almost the entire body except the fingers. So yeah. UNP, CBBE, whatever else. Doesn't matter.

I simply converted the meshes and saved the esp in Creation Kit. I've replaced the main mod's textures with the optional high res textures provided on the mod page and also included their First Person Fix. I'm new to this and my only modding experience is converting oldrim mods to SE so I won't be able to fix any issues you run into. It works perfectly fine on my heavily modded Skyrim so there should be no issues.

Link to original Oldrim mod: Peacekeeper Armour

I keep track of my favorite mods on the Nexus so if the original authors update their mod, I'll be quick to give you guys that update here, as long as I'm permitted to do it. That's all. Thank you.

For those of you using Joy of Perspective, jimboom555 made this: Compatibility Patch (thank you DokQZ for uploading it and informing me.)

A big thank you to Spongeman131 for letting me use his helmet meshes. No more black spots bug. If you're looking for a CBBE Bodyslide physics version of this armour, you can check out his awesome mod:

Peacekeeper Armour - CBBE Bodyslide (with physics)

Other mods used in the screenshots:

Dawnbreaker texture: LH's Divine Daedric Dawnbreaker

Weapon meshes: LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Weapons

Elven equipment retexture: Equipment of Eternal Shine

Permissions: I did not make the oldrim mod. so if you want to do anything with this mod, you should contact the original creator, Billyro. 


Original mod by: Billyro and Artsick

Cubemap base (I have no idea what that is but the original authors credit this person for it): Humus

Spongeman131 for properly converted helmet meshes

Tools used: SSE Nif Optimizer, Creation Kit, Nifskope

My other mods:

Dain's Axe SSE