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This mod adds a new armour set to Skyrim based on the Peacekeeper from For Honour.

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Peacekeeper Armour
By Billyro and Artsick


Revamped textures are now available - completely remade from scratch, using a PBR conversion.

Check it out in Sketchfab


This mod adds a new armour set to Skyrim based on the Peacekeeper from For Honour. This armour is female only, compatible with all body replacers. There are two variants: the standard version, and a royal version (their stats are the same). Everything can be crafted at a forge with the steel smithing perk. 

Textures are 4096x2048 for the body, 2048x1024 for the helmet. Normal map and material mask are half that for performance (but both are uncompressed). Download the optional High Resolution file for the full-sized normal and material textures. 

You can view the (original) royal variant in real-time here: Preview


Compatible with everything. Works with any body mod as there is no skin showing (apart from the fingers).


Copy the contents of archive to your Skyrim\Data folder. Activate the .esp in the Skyrim launcher. That's it! Alternatively, you can download with NMM and activate it through that.


Send me a message before using or redistributing. 


Artsick, for fixing the rigging and basically saving the whole project.

JayCrane, for screen archery.

Humus, cubemap base.

TOOLS USED: 3DS Max 2018, NifSkope 2.0, Paint.NET, Photoshop CS6, Substance Painter 2018, Knald, Creation Kit and TES5Edit.