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Thanks for downloading Giant creatures for Skyrim Special Edition( i don't know if i will do the OSK version :/)!

To install manually: copy the content of the data folder of the mod in your Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\data folder
Maybe it will ask for overwrite some files for this update, say yes.

To uninstall it manually, you will have to delete everything added by the mod. It's possible to make a copy of the folder of the mod BEFORE INSTALLATION to see his content,
to know exactly what to delete. However, there is just one thing not to remove at all, it's the skeleton.nif(but what is called skeletonA, skeletonB...and not just skeleton, can be removed)
Except that, everything in this mod is a new file, so removing it should'nt create any trouble in the game.

Using NMM is still the best way to install/uninstall mod.

This mod will add "modified" creatures to the game(and some frost giant in some snowy areas). You will not have a lot of encounters a the begin, however the higher is your level the bigger is the chance
to encounter them. But it still not so much, to avoid to make these encounters to common, like dragons after playing for a while.... These encounters are random, but it's possibe sometimes to have
2 big creatures in the same area, and some monsters are made to be alone or in a pack like scavengers.
Giant Creature has to be below(in the load order) any perk mod to avoid my mod to bring your perk tree back to the vanilla perk tree.

IF YOU HAD ALREADY THE MOD dowloaded on the old mod page:
- This mod is the same, it can easyly replace the old one so you will not loose anything!

Note: Every new update contain the whole mod, so you just have to take the last version. ;)

Sometimes i'm updating my update :p , so instead of being a new number, it's the same number+a name or a short description. Don't forget to check that in the files, but usually
this is what i do when the udpate is for small changes.


Version 1.1

-Adding Ancient Lord deer creature (rare)
-Change the encounter rate of Golem(less encounter)
-upadating normal map for golem, goliath crab and ice lord dragon
-adding a spell to summon an Ancient Demon Vampire
-adding a spell to summon a Dark Widow
-adding a spell to summon an Ice lord dragon
-adding a unique boss, Azaroth
-adding two vampire and a chest
Version 1.2

Texture update for Goliath crab
Version 1.3

-Texture update for Ancient deer lord
-The Ancient deer lord will attack if you are too close or you attack him or any prey. Otherwise he will just warn you. Also he is stronger.
-Adding Dark sabrecat pelt and ancient deer lord pelt.
Version 1.4

-Texture update for Ice dragon lord and Azuroth
-Update on glow map for Azuroth
-You have too reach the top of the mountain above Ysgramor tomb to fight Azuroth
-Azuroth and the Ice lord dragon are more powerful.
Version 1.5

-Dark widow new skin
-at level 45, 60 and 80 some Dark widow skills should be more powerful
-texture fix on for the goliath crab
Version 1.6

-You can craft two "new" weapons, Ice Heart and Demon's fire
-some adjustment in some creatures skills.
-small update for Dark widow textures.
-some skills for the dark widow where not working, it's fixed
Version 1.7

-Azuroth will be perched on the word wall instead of flying around the mountain.

-Adding undead giant creature(the weakest version can spawn at level 30)
-Undead giant watcher level 30-60
-Undead giant warrior level 40-75
-Undead giant knight level 60-100

-Adding a new unique dragon boss level 80. If you're too curious he will probably attack you, but if you keep your distance, he will do nothing.
So if you're low level it should be fine.

-some ingredient has been reskinned, adding animated glow(on ice blade and demon sword too)

-adding a new weapon, the bleeding great sword, it can be craft in the smithy

- I change the minimum encounter level of some dungeon(the original minimum level is low in most of them), not all of them, but some where my monsters are suppose to spawn. That way i'm sure my monsters can
spawn when they use characters generator i did'nt put myself. For the main quest nothing change. And a big part of the dungeon keep their original encounter zone level.
But the ones i have modified, they should be more difficult, but in another hand it will be more interesting to investigate if you reach a certain level.

-change the way of spawning for the dark widow spiders. Servant can be encounter at level 20 and the weakest version of the queen at level 30. For the queen,
you have although more poweerful version at level 45, 60 and 80(this one has a red skin). The dark widow race will not attack spiders, undead or vampires.

-Adding some of my creatures in the loading screen

- update for the texture of the hot water crab and the dark sabrecat(the fur).

- Black widow spiders are now friend with vanilla spiders
Version 1.8

-Now, the new weapons have to be craft with Skyforge in WhiteRun.
-adding 3 new weapons, Demon vampire Blade, Dragon ice heart sword, and the Staff of the cursed flame. These weapon are not just retextured, it's completly new.
The two fisrt was suppose to replace the demon blade and the ice blade, but i kept it has weaker version.
These weapons can be upgraded(not the staff) using a wheel.

-Adding more loot for the giant monsters, 2 or 3 different loot they will randomly leave when they die, some of these items are new model.
-I changed Helrungar location, and put another boss instead, that is not a giant monster, but is link in some way to Helrungar. Both are high level obviously but
their is no way they attack you if you don't look for the fight(if you come close enough). And they loot something you need for crafting the staff of the cursed flame.

-I made some modifications in stats, combat style, for some monsters.

-Adding a new monster, the Giant marshland chaurus. There is just one, he's not a boss and he can respawn. He does'nt like the light, so you probably find him at night.
However you can find him during the day if you look for him :p. Also, if you keep your distance he should not attack you, he's more interested in hunting Goliath crabs.
But he's really dangerous if you decide to mess with him!

-It should be more easy to find Demon Vampire, however there is not much dungeons with vampires.

-I have modified the time necessary to reinitialize the dungeon and the world:
-dungeons: 10 days instead of 30
-Tamriel: 5 days instead of 10

If another mod is modifying this parameters then it could change, but it's not a big deal :p

- The giant chaurus should be more agressive with his enemies, before he was to easily killed by Goliath crabs, that was a problem for a predator.
I also changed the different locations he use to go in the marhlands.

- I have increased the power of the Staff of the cursed flame

PERK update:

Two handed:

-Ice shock: When using a forward power attack with a Dragon ice heart sword or a dragon ice blade, 30% chance to have freeze the target for 5 secondes.
Work even is the weapon is discharged.

-Shockwave: When sprinting and then power attacking with a warhammer, create a shockwave with stagger area effect and 150 damages to stamina,
and 30% chance to create a weakness to damage to giant creatures for 15 sec

-Giant monster hunter(3 level): When using a side power attack,25% to make 15 damages of bleeding for 8 secondes, if the target is a giant monster,
but not dragon.

-Dragon slayer(3 level): 25% chance to make 30% more damages when attacking a dragon with a greatsword

-Corrosive impact: 25% chance to have corrosive effect with 30 damages for 7 secondes when shooting a Dragon.

-Elemental smithing(2 level): Can create demon blade and dragon ice blade, and improve them twice as much.

-Alteration smithing: Can create bleeding weapons at Skyforge, and improve them twice as much.

-Cursed smithing: Can create staff of the cursed flame at Skyforge

-The giant chaurus has now his new texture! :)

- Adding a nomral giant lv 60 with a diffrent weapon (took from falmer race)

- You can also find a group of Wild mammoth(lv60) traveling sometimes in the wild on the way to Whiterun.

-It seems like the ice heart and demon vampire heart textures was not the good ones, it should be fixed.
Version 1.8.5

-new perks removed
-New skin for the bleeding sword(with 8% chance to make bleeding damage, but there is no description of the effect)
-new item to loot when killing an undead giant, an Undead giant bones, used to craft a Bleeding greatsword.
-New spell book that can be bought in Whiterun, to summon Helrungar. Read the descritpion on the spVell to now how to use it.
-The freezing effect for the ice greatsword(only the second one) has came back, with 25% chance to appear when attacking.
-I have changed the amount of mana required for summoning my new monsters. It's more based on the ones from the game, and honestly it's
still not too expansive, because my creatures are more powerful than any vanilla monsters of the game! :p
Version 1.9

-New musics(i made it using Music Maker with sound loop):
-2 boss musics (working only with the dark widow, the undead giant, the vampire demon, the giant chaurus, the cursed dragonborn, helrungar and Azuroth.)
-1 standart music for fight against giant monsters (including giant, mammoth...)
-1 music for fight against a deer lord
-1 music for fight against a corrupted deer lord

-2 new sword: the perforating teeth blade(with 10% chance of weakness effect resulting on more damages on a target when the effect is applied,
there is no description of the effect on the sword) and the rock breaker

-2 new version of the deer lord: the sacred deer lord and the corrupted deer lord(This one is a Boss) with their loot.
- the ancient deer lord is now level 50
- the ancient deer lord has a modified skin

-the loots for the golem was missing, now it's fixed.
-goliath crab legs, dark widow egg, hot water crab legs are now "food"
-undead giants are now using a bleeding great sword as a standart weapon
-On the island of Helrungar;adding some boat and sunken boat, and some mist on the ground


-summoning a dark widow, an ice lord dragon, a demon vampire and helrungar cost a lot more mana, this new cost is based on one of the most powerful from dawnguard DLC, Kaastav.
However it's still not as much as it should be.
I haved noticed you can decrease the amount of mana with a perk, so for players that used to have a summoner, or a mage build for exemple, it should be ok.

-Some monsters are more powerful, like the golem, the corrupted deer and the sacred deer....

-texture update for the Rock Breaker sword

-the number of adrium ingot to build the rock breaker has changed

-you can obtain more adrium ingot with a golem heart

-texture update for the dark sabrecat but the fur is not really good....

- a new undead giant has been added, the Berserker, he is the most powerful version of this giant. However, his particularity is to be enraged and attack everyone, ennemies or allies.

- One new music for the giant chaurus and one more for the normal giant creatures fight.
Version 1.9.2

-adding new summonable creatures:

-Giant swamp chaurus
-Dark sabrecat
-dark widow soldier and servant
-goliath crab
-it seems that one of the loot for the deer lord were missing, or it had not the right skin, it's fixed(the item si a deer lord pith potion. )
-Update for some musics.
- when undead giants use their word, their is a chance of bleeding effect with visual effect(like the bleeding greatsword).
- the Undead giant berserker should be stronger.
Version 1.9.3

-New creature, the scavengers. They can be encounter in diffrent part of Tamriel(never in snowfield they don't like cold) or different type of dungeons(with only animals or draugrs), but it's a rare monster.
Sometimes a scavenger is alone, but he can be with others scavenger too. He spawns at level 20( 30 for the scavenger alpha). Also, they are most of the time close to corpses.
-texture updated for the Rock Breaker
-The Scavenger is summonable
-There is a change in the way some creatures are spawning. Before, another creature or animal could spawn, giving a random spawning but there was like more deer, fox,, it will not add extra animals,
sometimes there will be nothing at all.
Version 1.9.4

- adding a new vampire type, the Dark master vampire, he is able to summon a Demon Vampire if there is enough space to do it. He can be encountered at level 65.
-adding a new warlock type, the master arch conjurer, who can summon a dark widow or a scavenger, he can spawn at level 52
-Azuroth's name is now Rovahnir, it's sound more "nordic"
- update for the texture of the ice lord dragon and Rhovanir
-The deer lord will not spawn to close to houses.
-It seems that the golem did'nt want to respawn after the changes i made in the last update, were i put an invisible dead rabbit to make like there is randomly no encounter at all.
It seems to work with others creatures. Anyway, i have fixed it so the golems should spawn normally.
-The demon vampire seems not to spawn in some dungeons, i fixed it too.

Version 1.9.5

- new texture for the ice lord dragon and Rovhanir
- the reset time for the world and the dungeon has been changed to 5 days for tamriel and 10 for the dungeon. In the last update, it was 2 days for everything for testing
and i forgot to change it (the original time is 10 for resting Tamriel and 30 for the dungeons)
-The Rock Breaker swork is a bit stronger
Version 1.9.6

- New creature, the Burning Golem(with his loots), can be encounter in Solsteim. You can also buy a spellbook to summon this creature.
- I changed the way some creatures are scaled(i have modified the scale in the race), the hitbox shoud be a bit better even if it's not perfect.
- The weapons have now their amount of magic and effect visible, also FX shader when the magic is still active.
- update of the color map of the Ice Dragon Heart Blade
- I fixed a problem with the IA of the Golem. I don't konow if it was coming from my unclean saves and if i was the only one with this problem, but it should work now.
- some combat music are modified

update: the mod should'nt overwrite the Enhanced Blood mod, it should work better with Voltage mod too, but i did'nt test with this one.

Version 1.9.7

- New configuration of the difficulty of the monsters to avoid overpowered monsters in Legendary difficulty.
That mean the difficulty will obviously decrease, and fit more with the different difficulty level of the game, even if some monsters are still more powerful than the giant, mammoth,
or some dragons. But it will look a lot more easy if you use to play in Adept for exemple. Before, the difficulty of these monsters where configurated to be very tough in adept difficulty,
and it could result in an unbalance difficulty in higher difficulty with almost invincible creatures.So with the changes, any players should be able to enjoy the mod with the level of difficulty they like.
Also, i have increased the different weakness of the monsters to make more difference in battle, mostly in legendary where monsters have a lot of HP.
I guess that if some player want to have more challenge(even without my mod), they will play in expert,
master or legendary, so it make more sens.

-I have changed the loadscreen of the undead giant, now he is holding a Bleeding Sword.

-I have fixed some problems with some spells or abilies of the monsters. For exemple, the power attack of the Fire golem use to heal the player, now it's not.

quick update: decrease a little bit the breath attack from Helrungar.

mod cleaned. Also if the deer lords was not spawning it should work now, but this monster is still rare.

-Updtating the ice heart sword texture, geo and shading
-The mod has been cleaned.

Version 1.9.8

- Giant creatures have more health
-increasing a bit the weakness of monsters
-the Undead giant berserker was too weak compare to an Undead giant warrior, it's fixed
-adding a more tough version of the Giant swamp chaurus, the dominant Giant swamp chaurus
-adding a more tough version of the dark sabrecat, the dark sabrecat king(or alpha if i forgot to change the name)
-adding a more tough version of the Goliath Crab, the Toxic Goliath crab(you will take damages if you hit him)
- some creature level has been modified, not much but some of them could appear a bit sooner. The Elder Dark widow queen should have more probability to appear but it still
a rare monster, and high level(she could show up at level 70 but that mean the dungeon level(and yours) should be at least 70).
- This update decrease the amount of encounter of some monsters.
-The Giant swamp chaurus spit bolt spell was missing, now it came back!
-Undead giant will not spawn everytime, sometimes it will have a draugr instead.
Note: most of the variations can spawn at the same level or at a higher level than the normal version.
Version 2.0

- adding the Spider Eater, a new giant monster
- adding variations with different levels and strengh for these monsters:
-dark giant sabrecat
-giant swamp chaurus
-goliath crab
-giant frostbiteSpider

Some monsters had already variations.

-This update also update the stats of the monsters, the IA, the encounter rate.
Version 2.1

-Texture modified for the deer lord
-texture modified for the hot water giant crab
-texture improved for the blade of the burning blade
-change the health recovering rate for monsters when they are not out of battle (they recover faster, before i set it to slow)
-more health for the giant swamp chaurus
-record for perks, encounter zone level, modifications of some character list, have been removed. it should increase the compatibility with some mods.
-loot: unknown skull has know a better orientation in the inventory
-loot: Potion of lord pith has know a better orientation in the inventory
-Adding some meshes for the unknown skull and the base of the staff of the cursed flame, it was apparently missing.
Version 2.2

-Adding the Soul devourer
-Adding the Lighting bite (axe)
-Adding the Widow's dagger
-Blood effect is working now with the Burning blade
-The spider eater has a new texture.
-the cursed dragonborn has a modified texture(but it's not redone)
-You need the perk ArcaneBlackSmith to forge the weapons of this mod.

Version 2.3

-Soul devourer have some frost spells, also his fireball attack is more powerful
- the Widow's dagger is more powerful, you can also have a big chance to paralyse a target if you are sneaking and you're not detected.
- Burning blade and lightning bite have a more powerful elemental effect when using a power attack.

Version 2.4

- New skin for the Staff of the cursed flame
- Some of the new loot could make crash the game if you tried to drop it from your inventory. It's fixed
- The demon vampire had a reflect damage effect, it was not working but now it will.
- The cursed dragonBorn is now summonable

Version 2.5

- new weapon to craft, the Soul reaper
- adding new skills to the creatures (except for the stone golem and the giant hot water crab, but maybe i will do something)
- Some skills will be unlock if the creature have lost a certain amount of health, so the beginning of a fight will not always look different as it was before.
- Helrungar will now appear when touching a dragon skull, the location of the dragon did'nt change. However, depending if you have already killed him or he was awaken
before this update, you shoul have a different message.
- Adding the model of the soul devourer on the load screen.
- The FX for the soul devourer magic attack made the sprites of the effect visible, no it's fix
- The ice lord Dragon has more health

Version 2.6

- some spells and effects renamed
- adding: explosive daedric arrow
ebony ice arrow
ebony shock arrow
These arrows can be crafted at any forge(not skyforge).
- adding an explosion effect with power attack of the Lightning bite, the bunring blade, and the soul reaper.
Version 2.7

- fix a decay between the blade of the Burning blade and the blood effect
- add some skills to the stone golem
- improve the skills of the undead giant
- fix the position of the Potion of lord pith, crystalized soul and undead giant bones in the viewer of the inventory
Version 2.8

- fix double inferno scream
- add enemy dark conjurer, spawn level 25, you can find this type of wizard in some dungeons with warlock or necromancer
- remove a chest i used for testing

Version 2.9/3.0

- Adding new giant monsters:
Chaurus Hunter Queen
Great wolf(with temporary skin so i will not put screen of it)
Giant frost warthog
Giant frost chaurus(variation of the giant swamp chaurus)

- Adding Master hunters, they can sell you some Giant monsters ingredients or food. They also can use some of the 2 handed weapons that need usually to be crafted with giant monsters part.

SCRIPT FIX : should prevent the loop inside the script to run when it's not suppose to, looking for something it don't find.
NOTE: This should work better with a clean save or a new save, however i'm not sure if after playing a while the new version of the script will overwrite the old one in the savegame. If not it will run the old script instead of the new one.
It's possible some errors remain like the script can't found a target while he is running, i don't know exactly why but it does'nt repeat much and should not cause memory trouble or crash; In any case the script should work better without taking a lot of memory(and make the log file grow fast).

- A few modifications in the shader of the giant swamp chaurus and th dark widow

-new texture for the dark sabrecat

-New summon spells:
Summon great wolf
Summon Chaurus hunter queeen
Summon Giant frost chaurus
Summon scavenger alpha
Summon dark sabrecat king

- You can now recover from the Deer Lord attack that decrease your armor. However i'm not sure if you have been affected by this attack that it will bring your armor stat back without uninstalling/reinstalling the mod.

HARDCORE version: more powerful monsters, with more health point and stronger attacks.

Version 3.1

- 5 unique NPC boss
- Adding 2 camps, one you can travel too one it's discovered
- New recipies using the meat of some giant mosnters(can be bought from Master hunters)
- Script fix
- Master hunters are more powerful(they were not set correctly in 3.0)
- Add a book about master hunters, in WinterHold library
- fix transparency on effect shader for the Corrupted deer lor and the toxic Goliath crab
Version 3.1

-Fix a glitch where some special magic attack of the giant creatures is applied to the player

- adding a Ember scales Crab in Solstheim

- Change the skin of the goliath crab

- Modfify multiple normal map textures and effects for creatures, effect shader and weapons that was not saved with the good alpha setting

-add ring and amulets you can craft in skyforge, but with no new textures(for now)

- change the location of the Corrupted dear lord. If you have killed him already he will respawn(only if you're level 60 at least) in this new location, and if you have sold the Corrupted gem you obtain after killing him, it will give you another chance to have it and craft a ring with it.

- Improve the damage of some attack or spell of some monsters.

- The price of some the summon books of this mod are a bit more expansive.