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Add new big and terrifying monsters to the world of Tamriel, with their own skills. Some weapons can also be forged with their skin or bones or any part you can loot from them.(however their is not weapons for each monsters). Some monster can be found only in dungeons, some can be found in the world, or both.

Permissions and credits
Welcome on Giant Creatures mod!

Travel trought the lands of Tamriel, and fight big and dangerous creatures, predators from an ancient time, majestic
animals...craft weapons using some part of them. Giant, Dragons, Mammoth
are not the only giant creatures in this world...
 Be the the hunter...or be the prey.

This mod require:

It's recommanded (but you don't have to) to install a mod that could unlock
the level of dungeons, to be sure to have more chance to encounter some
creatures if you're high level.

To have more informations about the monsters, take a look at the files>miscaellous to download a document with the bestiary of the mod. However, i will update it when i will add new creatures, but also to create some page with variations or missing monsters, unique bosses, weapons..... For now there is not everything.
-This mod contains also musics i made with Music Maker, it's not real musical composition because i have used sound loops as a basic material, but it makes the job, and now you will have something different to ear when you will fight giant monsters, and it give more a boss feeling. But if you use to play without music for a better immersion, it will not change anything :p
edit: Now you can dowloadGiant_creatures_DSmusics to replace my musics by Dark Soul 1 musics.It's not compatible with any Mod changing the game tracks(and that's why a version with no added tracks of my mod exist).However if you don't use any music mod, you can download it but be sure to have the version of my mod with gc music, however it will not work.
Hardcore versions: the hardcore version contain giant monsters with at least double health, but only the strongest monsters(or strongest versions) have a big upgrade of damages, to keep something not too hard at the beginning.
-Some giant monsters are summonable, you can buy some summon spell book to Farengar in Whiterun and also to Phinis Gestor in WinterHold.
What do you need to be sure to have the good version of the mod?

First time you download it(or if you have an old version before 3.1):
- You just need to dowload the mod, giant_creature.3.2
    After if you want, you can choose in the optionnal files, if you need a version without music, harcore, ect....

You have giant creatures_3.1

-Just download Giant _creature_3.2_IfYouHave3.1 to have your mod updated

Hardcore ,no added music version, ect:

- You need the last version of the mod  before replacing it with another version, in the optionnal files.
 -You can choose between this: giant_creature_3.2_no_gc music
                                                      giant_creature_3.2_hardcore_no_gc music


- Update can be textures update, esp update, ect, but you just need the version of the mod that correspond to the update(update with 3.2 need at least you have giant_creatures_3.2 for exemple). It works also with optionnal content with the number of the mod in the name.
However, there is an exception: If i do a new version of the mod, like for exemple 3.3, updates to move from 3.2 to 3.3 will contain 3.3 in the name, but i will specify this is an upgrade. And after that every new updates will be for 3.3 version and you will not have to download the full mod every time.
If this is the first time you dowload the mod, then of course you will have to dowload the full mod, giant_creatures_3.
3, or 3.4, ect...before updating it, if it's necessary. ;)


Scripts Update: With my mod version 3.1 or 3.2 it should be clean. However i let this in case the scripts are not updated correctly in you game(because it's saved in savegame and for some reasons the game could run an old version of the scripts even if you have eveything updated).

- Creating a new character, or using my mod for the first time will make the game run the last version of the scripts, but probably not the ones from the following updates(but 3.1 and 3.2 use the same scripts anyway, no changes).

-The one i'm sure it's working required to desactivate my mod and loose his content. So if you do that, sell everything coming from my mod(weapons, ingredient, loot...) to have at least money that will not disappear. Now here the steps to remove some scripts from your savegame, if you still have faith in this mod :p (it's not very long to do):

-Create a new folder, you can call it "Backup"

- Copy the following script inside Backup(be sure it's the scripts from the 3.0 or above at least) : GCDarkWidowHiding
                                                                                                                                                         GCCastSpell                                                                                                                                                           GCAutoCastSpell
- Delete these scripts from SSE data/script folder

-Lauch Skyrim SE

-Desactivate my mod

-Open the save you want to clean, then make a new save

- Close Skyrim SE

-Copy and paste the scripts from Backup to SSE data/script folder

-Lauch Skyrim SE

-Reactivate my mod

-Open your last save and make a new one

-It's done. Now when you will play with this save it will run the 3.2 scripts.

Special thanks to Pickelsturn who help me for this page and also made the video above, and for the support :)