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Hearthfire based garden for your Wyrmstooth player home (Fort Valus). Unique plants of Wyrmstooth can be planted in all the Hearthfires gardens. Also supports gardens added by other mods.

Permissions and credits
Wyrmstooth - Player House Garden SE

(Remake of the classic version-

Get an additional garden in Wyrmstooth player home now. Make your stay in Wyrmstooth a little bit more enhanced!

Just buying the normal garden upgrade of "Fort Valus" will enable this additional garden just beside Fort Valus Common House entrance. It'll work fine even if already purchased the garden upgrade.

You can even plant unique ingredients native to Wyrmstooth in your Wyrmstooth home garden. Extra plant-able Ingredients are

1. Bog Beacon
2 .Elf Cup Cap 
3. Fungus Stalk
4. Spiddal Stick (Spiddle stick in your garden, why not go to Oblivion plane? lol)

You can  plant unique ingredients native to Wyrmstooth in all the gardens of Skyrim even added by other mods. There is an optional support file for "More Growable Plants SE" by numberland and Dracula420.


Use Nexus Mod Manager or Copy the unzipped contents into the Data folder of your Skyrim SE Directory.


Skyrim Special Edition

Wyrmstooth v 1.17b by jonx0r : An old dlc sized mod, still so very worth playing it!

(not available in nexus mods but you can get it here: )

More Growable Plants (for optional file only in the files tab)

Convenient Horses (for optional file only in the files tab)

Future Plans:

1. Need to fix the Elf Cup Cap & Bog Beacon model so that they take smaller space. Couldn't do that for last 4 years for the classic edition, stopped playing for a long time! I am determined this time though!

2. Make a version supporting "Convenient Horses". I want to take the new Wyrmstooh plants from horse back.  (Done!)

3. Make a patch for "Beyond Skyrim : Bruma" perhaps? Planting Bruma's unique plants in Wyrmstooth doesn't sound half bad!

Recommended Mods:

More Growable Plants SE  by numberland & Dracula420
Convenient Horses by mitchalek
Skyrim 3D Trees & Plants by mathy79

Permission & Credits:

Its a Nexus exclusive so no uploading anywhere else!

Credit to Bethesda for making Skyrim SE & letting us use Creation Kit.
Credit to jonx0r for his ultra awesome 'Wyrmstooth". It always felt like playing an official dlc.
Credit to numberland & Dracula420 for the very useful "More Growable Plants SE" mod.
Credit to mitchalek for his fantastic mod "Convenient Horses". Life is tiresome in Skyrim without his trained horses!