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HQ meshes for a glazed pottery with a new 4K/2K textures. HQ meshes for in-game silverware with a new HQ candles. Realistic apples, tomatoes, potatoes, and a common bed pillows, plus HQ meshes for a common plates.

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This is some kind of a everlasting WIP project. At least until I get bored by this game ;)

Straight from the Heart Quality Addons and Tweaks for the game, with some new meshes and a high quality textures.

For now:

- HQ meshes and textures for the glazed pottery (three color variants, you can mix them). My meshes are compatible with a Rustic Pottery mod
- HQ meshes for the silverware plus a new HQ candles (require a "Superior Silverware" mod)
- HQ meshes and textures for the common plates
- HQ meshes and textures for the common bed pillows
- HQ meshes and textures for the apples
- HQ meshes and textures for the tomatoes
- HQ meshes and textures for the potatoes
- Changed a mapping and a meshes for the noble low tables
- Corrected a UV mapping for the tablecloth in Dragonsreach

The new candle meshes take full advantage of the ENB SSS effect, so, of course, they look best with ENB.

Don't use LightingShader Tweak - this mod removes the environment mapping from the game (specular and refraction, too) !!!

See the images section for a more details :)

SE Version here :)


Because I did a UV tweaks for a the meshes, changed a texture paths and have made a new mesh for a candles, install my mod after all the others (SMiM, RCI or Particle Patch), and during installation say yes to overwrite all the files.