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Allows the silverware added by Distinct Interiors to use the environmental and cubemap from Rudy HQ -Miscellaneous.

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Do you love Distinct? Do you love Rudy's HQ Misc? Does it bother you that the 2 mods don't play nice together?...............Yes?........time for an upgrade!

 I love Rudy's HQ Misc for its smooth high poly meshes and photo-realistic silverware look.  It achieves this by darken the textures, and adjusting shaders to better use the newly added environmental and cubemap.  It also replaces many of the vanilla static and animobjects used by many mods. Win-win!!

So what is the problem?? Well it uses the vanilla texture slots. So any mods that use vanilla silverware textures gets the worst parts from both. Static silverware added by Distinct Interiors  gets the dark diffuse from Rudy HQ Misc and the vanilla environmental,cubemaps and shader settings, making them look like old rusty ancient nord silverware. Time to get out the caveman club!

What does it do? 

Simply applys the same shader settings to the static silverware  added by  Distinct Interiors as Rudy HQ Misc, points them to the new environmental\cubemap, and makes the silverware more much more consistent.

What it doesn't do?

It doesn't add hi-poly meshes or change any of the items on the silverware. Doesn't add any textures, uses all vanilla textures\retextures.


Distinct Interiors by Sokkvabekk

Without this there is nothing to replace.

Rudy HQ - Miscellaneous by Rudy102

This mod uses it's textures to match the vanilla silverware changed by it. 

Rustic Clutter Collection by Gamwich

Optional, Rudy's silverware only works with 2 texture sets, Rudy's and Gamwich's, If you install the Gamwich texture option in the FMod you will need this silverware texture.(used in the screenshots)


Install Rustic Clutter Clollection if you want the Gamwich texture option or already use it.

Install Rudy HQ Miscellaneous using the FMOD installer and enjoy glorious new vanilla silverware.

Let it overwrite or place below Rustic Clutter Collection.

Download this mod using you favorite mod manager and check the box.

This mods loose files should overwrite Mods that are packed in a BSA.
Mods that use loose files, make sure mine are placed after.


Just uncheck the box and remove mod.

Safe to install/uninstall at any time.


Sokkvabekk for Distinct Interiors

It has added alot details to my game and without it my mod wouldn't do anything, except use up your precious SSD space.

Rudy102 for Rudy HQ -Miscellaneous

I'm late to party for Rudy Mods, glad I tried one out, now I have every one that works with my game! 

Tools Used-

3 Brain cells I have left.
2 sausage fingers to press keys one by one.
Mod Organizer 2 because it has an idiot light and tells me what I did wrong. because MO2 auto installed it.
7-zip because it turns one boring file into alot of little exciting files and put everything back.
BAE because those BSA files are a hard thing to crack.
NifSkope because I see it listed in all the good modders, mod pages.
My caveman club to smash stuff that upsets me.
Lots of Coca-cola ( not sponsored, but hit your boy up )!