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Allows users to disenchant unique artifacts and their own enchanted items using a system to minimize conflicts.

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This mod does a couple things.
1) It creates recipes that require unique artifacts to make at a new crafting station that looks like an enchanter. These recipes craft simple daggers and clothing with the unique enchantment for you to disenchant. You don't destroy the unique artifact and this system will not conflict with other mods that alter these uniques. I avoided items that use a vanilla enchantment you can learn normally. If there are multiple enchantments for the same item then the created item will use the best enchantment, like how chillrend has like five versions.

2) Uses Xun Amarox item disenchanting spell and chesko's campfire to create two placeable workbenches to disenchant uniques and items you have enchanted. The Xun disenchanter is in the basement under the stairs because using it in cells owned by other people gives them ownership of that item.

3. Adds two vendors. They sell the two new disenchanters and unenchanted unique items with the same stats as vanilla. These items are available when you could buy items with similar stats from vendors. For example, Keening has the same stats as an elven dagger, so it appears in the vendor's inventory when blacksmiths sell elven weapons. The key to basement is in the lockbox on the counter.

4. adds a store with the two vendors and some respawning guards to protect them near Anga's Mill in Windhelm.

5. 2 items. A ring that heals you when you block and three 2 handed weapons that place a random rune when you bash the ground.

Unique Items you can disenchant
Yngool Helm, Diadem of the Savant, Shrouded Gloves(and everything with that back-stab enchantment), trollsbane, kyne's token, Gauldur's Amulet, chillrend, dawnbreaker, dragonbane, ebony blade, keening, Harkon's Sword, Mace of Molag Bal, Mehrunes Razor, nightingale blade, nightingale bow, most dragon priest masks, Archmage Robes, Mask of Clavicus Vile, Necromancer's Amulet, Savior's Hide, Shield of Ysgramor, dawnguard rune shield

Vendor Lvl List
level 0 - clothing
Level 12- 2 handed rune weapons
Level 19 - Items with stats similar to elven
Level 25 - Items with stats similar to orcish
Level 30 -Items with stats similar to glass
Level 36- Items with stats similar to ebony
Level 51. - Items with stats similar to Daedric

Q) Can you change the level lists or the stats of the items?
A) I set open permissions so people would release patches instead of asking me to
Q) Will you make it compatible with X mod?
A) if their permissions allow it and i get around to it

Q) Will you add Y item you missed?
A) I didn't add items that had enchantments that used perks or relied on scripts. I might eventually add in the perk ones.

Q) Why did you use the bland enchanting tables for the unique enchanter?
A) my custom model ones didn't have the furniture markers or they were in the wrong place. So i just skimped out on adding in new aesthetic.

A) Patches meant to change the damage, weight, etc of unique artifacts will not be carried over to the uenchanted ones.

A) Mods that change the vanilla enchantments that get applied to the unique will carry over to the copied versions. If the mod adds an enchantment with a new ID
to the unique then the copied versions will have vanilla enchantments. A patch will then be needed for that mod.

A) i made the unenchanted dragon priest masks into unarmored clothing.

Q) Why can't i craft the unique unenchanted items or the crafting stations?
A) I wanted money sinks and didn't want to clog up the blacksmith station with a ton of stuff.

Q) Can you make a version for Legacy skyim/ 32bit skyrim?
A) No, i don't want to download that skyrim just for this mod. It only has four meshes and they're all in the base game. 2 are retextured meshes for the house and the disenchater. The other two are for a great axe. It shouldn't be that bothersome to convert and publish a 32 Bit version for those using it. I think face meshes are different too, but there is only two new npcs added with this mod.

Q) what changes overwrite vanilla items?
A) just the landscaping

Q) why is the name of the store spelled wrong?
A) first one to guess correctly in the comments gets their comment pinned.