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RUSTIC ARMOR & WEAPONS Special Edition is a hi-res retexture of select armors and weapons of Skyrim SE. 4K and 2K resolutions available.

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RUSTIC ARMOR & WEAPONS SE is a hi-res retexture of select armors and weapons of Skyrim.

This mod is an attempt cover the armor & weapon sets that were missing from the aMidianBorn Book of Silence retexture mod. It's a massive undertaking to attempt to retexture all the armor and weapons in the game, so it's not surprising that no one has managed to do a complete overhaul as I did with the clothing in my RUSTIC CLOTHING mod.

While I don't currently have any ambitions to attempt another complete overhaul, I thought that I could at least address the armor and weapon sets that weren't covered by CaBal120.

UPDATE 3.0: Adds a retexture/redesign of the Dark Brotherhood armor. This armor set has always been problematic due to some curious (to put it nicely) design choices by Bethesda's artists. The female armor is actually a nice design overall, with the exception of the bizarre patchwork seaming over the breast area of the armor. I revised this to have a single seam following the curvature of the cup shape.

Sadly, the male armor was left in an unfinished state, for no apparent reason. The upper chest/neck area was left bare, which is why the Unofficial Skyrim Patch covered it over with a shawl. Not the best solution, but a fix nonetheless.

The problem with this USSEP fix is that instead of using an existing hood texture with the edited male armor mesh, they renamed the female hood texture "bandana", and assigned that to the revised mesh. Introducing a unique texture, rather than simply using the existing one creates problems. It necessitates that a texture patch be made for any retexture of the Dark Brotherhood armor for people using USSEP. I have included the "bandana" texture for users of that mod.

Personally, I never care for a solutions that cover up the problem, rather than fixing it. That's why I redesigned the male armor to make it more like the female version, with an upper chest area that was complete. This way, your character can be without the hood and still look normal. 

The other oddity with the Dark Brotherhood armor set is that the male hood texture is not used in game on the character or NPCs. It is instead used for the inventory view and the "ground" texture, even though it has a strange patchwork seaming that doesn't match the female hood used in game. This makes absolutely no sense at all, as the inventory view doesn't match the hood that's worn. I revised the male hood so it would better match the female hood to alleviate this mismatch.

Also include in RAW 3.0 is the Blade of Woe which is the one weapon associated with the Dark Brotherhood, being in the possession of Astrid.

Version 1.0 debuted with the RUSTIC DAEDRIC armor and weapons retexture. Version 2.0 adds a revised version of my earlier RUSTIC FORSWORN 
 mod. That was just an armor retexture, and didn't include the forsworn weapons. Originally, I only had 1K textures for the boots and gauntlets, so I went back and remade them from scratch in 2K (both male and female) for the 4K version. I also revisited the armor and headdresses, making various minor alterations. The forsworn weapons are 2K for the 4K armor, and 1K for the 2K armor set.  With this addition, the old RUSTIC FORSWORN mod will no longer be supported.

I always thought that the Daedric design was one of the best in the game, but sadly the textures themselves were lacking. Once again, we find the Bethesda's haphazard approach, where multiple artists worked on the same set, and the art styles don't match. The work is sloppy and crude, and doesn't do justice to the brilliant concept art of Adam Adamowicz. The sizing of the textures is inconsistent as well. The body armor and the gloves are both 2K, while the boots and helmet are 1K. The hands and feet are the smallest body parts, and thus should've both had the smaller textures. Headwear models suffer the greatest stretching, and always benefit from larger texture sizes.

Ideally, the main armor texture should be twice the resolution as any of the smaller body parts. To have the gloves the same resolution as the main armor piece makes no sense at all. Regardless, I rectified this nonsense with my retexture.

All Daedric armor and weapon items have three textures in total: The diffuse, normal map, and environment mask. They are in matching resolutions, but I am also offering another choice, with reduced normals and environment masks to give better performance while keeping as much of the appearance as possible.

I could drone on further about my design choices, but I'll spare you good people that, and simply let you refer to the screenshots for more information on the appearance. One note on the pictures, I'm using an open faced helmet mod, so you won't see the enclosed helmet appearance in the screenshots, but rest assured that the entire texture is there for people who prefer the enclosed look.

4K and 2K resolutions are available, so pick the appropriate size for your set up. Normal maps are saved in BC7 to avoid compression artifacts. I hope people enjoy my latest RUSTIC addition to Skyrim Special Edition.