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A hi-res retexture of the long neglected forsworn armor. Available in 4K and 2K resolution options.

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RUSTIC FORSWORN - Special Edition
 is a high resolution retexture of the long neglected forsworn "armor", which Bethesda never provided a decent texture for. The Bethesda high resolution pack version of the forsworn armor is only 1K, not 2K as the other armors. Both male and female outfits are included.

At the time that I made the original mod for SLE, there was no true hi-res retexture of this particular outfit. Now, you might ask why I put "armor" in quotations... that's because as a matter of protection, the forsworn "armor" hardly provides any. A few spikes on one of the gauntlets doesn't exactly make a few furs and a bit of leather into an legitimate armor. It would do little to stop any kind of weapon. Bethesda itself seemed unsure as how to classify the forsworn outfits, as the textures are found in the armor folder, but the meshes are found among the clothing. Personally, I think they more rightfully can be considered clothing.

These forsworn outfits were without question the most difficult things that I have ever retextured for Skyrim. Nothing else required this much time and patience to complete. The layout of the textures is less than ideal to put it mildly. A low-res blurry texture can disguise just how poorly seamed together the various pieces are, but the sharper and more detailed the texture is, the more glaring the ugly seaming becomes. The female outfit proved to be just as challenging as the male one, but in different ways. I am pleased to be done with these, so those awful 1K abominations will never haunt my Skyrim again.

When I was working on porting this mod to SSE, I reassessed the fur areas of the normal maps, since fur is one thing that suffers greatly from compression artifacts when using DXT5 compression. For SSE, I could use BC7 compression for all the normal maps, so I was able to go back and revisit the fur to make it softer and more dimensional in appearance.

People have asked me if I would consider doing an armor overhaul similar to my WIP RUSTIC CLOTHING mod, but I have said no. I do not have any interest in redoing things that have already been done well before. I'm much more interested in improving things that have been neglected to this point. That's why I decided to take a stab at the forsworn textures. They have been languishing in 1K form for far too long (one of the few armors that Cabal never tackled). So, I humbly give you, RUSTIC FORSWORN.

The people of the Reach will be abandoned no more. They will finally be able to hold their heads high and say... "We aren't a bleeding eyesore anymore!"

A lovely showcase of the textures, by hodilton: